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Tue Mar-17-15 09:08 AM

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"The spirit of rebellion here seems dead "


I have been a sporadic lurker ever since I discovered Talib Kweli & The Roots many moons ago. I remember distinct people and faces that continually pushed the envelope and challenged conventional thought. People like Aquaman come to mind.

Maybe it's because many people simply got older and got smacked in the gob with bills, family and social responsibility, jobs, etc. but thinking for yourself is not encouraged anymore.

It seems that everyone is now mostly concerned with being right / to prove someone wrong / attempt to correct someone's thinking. Color me confused, but I thought the Okayartists represented a rebellious spirit. Since when did free rebellious people turn into purveyors of the status quo? Since when did everyone become the thought police and why?

It's not like any of the things people retort with are original. It's all just mainstream parroting of the "accepted and most comfortable answer." Everyone is so quick to pull out random google articles and links, as if it actually means anything. Google is not a source of consciousness, it's a source of recorded information. Science and spirituality is constantly changing, shifting, morphing to new ideals, adapting and breathing. You cannot force consciousness into a steadfast state. As soon as you try, you stop growing and begin to wither.

Anyways, maybe this is just a symptom of getting older for some, or maybe it was stifled with financial and family responsibilities. Don't lose your passion for questioning things. In the words of Pink Floyd, do not become comfortably numb. Try to understand that it is impossible to prove or disprove anything beyond a reasonable doubt. The fun part is exploring ideas, not attempting to be "right".

All great ideas came from exploration and the rebellion against the norm. If you find yourself a poster boy/girl for the norm, maybe it's important to understand why. The same system that people portray and parrot, is also the same system which exploits them. How ironic.

~Experience is the currency of the soul.


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The spirit of rebellion here seems dead [View all] , initiationofplato, Tue Mar-17-15 09:08 AM
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I'd question if "rebelliousness" was ever the "spirit" here...
Mar 17th 2015
Rebellion is why I came back
Mar 17th 2015
You doing a whole lot to just not say "yeah I was wrong about that whole
Mar 17th 2015
You have a right to think I was wrong.
Mar 17th 2015
      LOL. Read what you just wrote. LOL.
Mar 17th 2015
           You fail to see I'm not attempting to change yours.
Mar 17th 2015
                What's a discussion if the parties involved aren't willing to change the...
Mar 17th 2015
                     I don't believe in right and wrong.
Mar 17th 2015
                          K. Enjoy your world.
Mar 17th 2015
are you overweight?
Mar 17th 2015
Mar 17th 2015
I am a swimmer.
Mar 17th 2015
      dog, don't type me to deat about your thirsty brain. i can tell.
Mar 17th 2015
           RE: dog, don't type me to deat about your thirsty brain. i can tell.
Mar 17th 2015
Mar 17th 2015
                You do you.
Mar 17th 2015
                im on a quest to learn why you type so pompously.
Mar 17th 2015
                     I am who I am.
Mar 17th 2015
                          dont become defensive. im not calling you any names.
Mar 17th 2015
Mar 17th 2015
                                    yeah, yeah.
Mar 17th 2015
LMAO you about 7 years late
Mar 17th 2015
Apparently, however
Mar 17th 2015
      People get jobs a little money and
Mar 17th 2015
Critical Thinking has been at an all time low around here for years
Mar 17th 2015
Why? What is the reason?
Mar 17th 2015
Hilarious coming from a culture vulture whitesplainin Canadian
Mar 17th 2015
are you white?
Mar 17th 2015
I'm 2 steps ahead fam.
Mar 17th 2015
      that sure is a long way to spell 'yes'.
Mar 17th 2015
           not my tempo. nm
Mar 17th 2015
           RE: that sure is a long way to spell 'yes'.
Mar 17th 2015
                i don't engage in racism. nm
Mar 17th 2015
RE: The spirit of rebellion here seems dead
Mar 17th 2015
RE: The spirit of rebellion here seems dead
Mar 17th 2015
Are you the poster formerly known as Bartek?
Mar 17th 2015

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