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Subject: "Yo man, what the F. are you doing?! Stories about being f*cked up. " Previous topic | Next topic
double negative
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Thu Mar-12-15 02:21 PM

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"Yo man, what the F. are you doing?! Stories about being f*cked up. "
Thu Mar-12-15 02:24 PM by double negative



you know when you do something or smell something or you see something and some long forgotten memory is unlocked?

-I just remembered the time in my early 20s when i was with a group of friends, about 10 of us, we were all smoking trees and getting TRON 9000 at a friends house in the living room.

after several rotations, suddenly, one of the cats, a fat white frat looking dude in a group of mixed company just gets up and says "I'm feeling it!" and starts doing yoga in front of all of us. Like, full on downward dog to planks and pigeon pose.

At first we were like "ah ha ha, man, you silly, stop playing" but then he kept going! eventually we just had to ignore that shit and we focused on the family guy reruns that were playing. like, it was not unlike ignoring your cat when it goes to town cleaning itself in front of you

after that dude was kinda kicked off the squad. nothing dramatic or official, we just stopped inviting him to shit. he had some other strange habits but that was the end.

what strange behavior have you observed or done while fucked up?



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Yo man, what the F. are you doing?! Stories about being f*cked up. [View all] , double negative, Thu Mar-12-15 02:21 PM
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thought this was about being jumped...but i jus watched that mcdonalds
Mar 12th 2015
thats GETTING fucked up not being fucked up
Mar 12th 2015
there was this one dude that was just too much to handle when smashed
Mar 13th 2015
Yo. The waking up outside in draws happened to my boy.
Mar 15th 2015
Mar 16th 2015
Field trips and sunrise yoga.
Mar 16th 2015
oh, I got a few...
Mar 16th 2015

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