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Mon Mar-02-15 11:27 AM

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"New Edition Biopic Trailer?! (swipe)"



A few readers alerted me to this today, and I wanted to get as much info as I could on it before writing about it here (to be honest, I initially wasn't sure if it was a *real* project or not. It is). But then I thought I'd just go ahead and, at least, let you know that it exists, while I wait to learn more from the filmakers.

So, here you go...

What I know thus far:

- "NE Heartbreak The Movement" is creative team that comprises of New Edition fans, who hope to eventually produce a feature film that tells the groups story. To help raise awareness for the project, The Movement has put together what they're calling a "sneak peek" trailer, asking that, if you're as much of a New Edition fan as they are, you should help spread the word about the collective's efforts to bring the R&B group's story to the big screen.

- The film will be directed by Bobby Huntley **(NVYNCIBLE1)**, an independent filmmaker from Atlanta, and produced by Nikki Wade. The rest of the production team includes cinematographer Calisha Prince **(CALIALIVE)**; lighting designer Mark Alston; post-production designer and sound editor, Brandon Cordy **(BTOUCH)** & hair professional Jameelah Crump. All of them are part of a team of New Edition fans who spent 6 weeks auditioning for the cast, and another 6-week period of rehearsals, to shoot the fan-made trailer embedded below, which they say was created with no budget.

All the above information was found on the project's website, which you can access here. There you'll find a bit more on the project, and those behind it.

You can also follow the project on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

**Thats Us! ( don't worry, shadow&act doesn't know our alter egos)
Let us know what yall think. We family!

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New Edition Biopic Trailer?! (swipe) [View all] , CaliALive, Mon Mar-02-15 11:27 AM
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Isn't the director an OKP?
Mar 02nd 2015
fuck it tho
Mar 02nd 2015
I read none of the
Mar 02nd 2015
yup looks like more than just one too
Mar 02nd 2015
oh snap didnt know you were part of the action too!
Mar 02nd 2015
Thanks Sha :-D
Mar 02nd 2015
this is reading weird
Mar 02nd 2015
those aren't her words. She swiped the article & added the OKHandles
Mar 02nd 2015
      thanks i support yall fully.....
Mar 02nd 2015
      didnt know you were in on it either. bravo
Mar 02nd 2015
Mar 02nd 2015
Mar 02nd 2015
if you say so.....
Mar 02nd 2015
Mar 02nd 2015
lol if only you knew how long it took the producer to put shags
Mar 02nd 2015
I hope it gets made.
Mar 02nd 2015
i really want this to happen
Mar 03rd 2015
Mar 03rd 2015

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