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Fri Feb-27-15 01:08 PM

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"toilet* training update."
Fri Feb-27-15 01:08 PM by SHAstayhighalways



*i hate the term potty. no i don't know why i just hate it so i call it a toilet. my son calls it a toilet and everyone is happy.

anyway, things are doing so much better!!

a couple of weeks ago he went through a pack of pull ups so fast i was like

and stopped using them all together
(even when he went to bed but now
he wears them when he goes to bed just in case)
i am lucky enough to spend most days with him
so i buckled down and just stayed behind him about using the bathroom
all day long
even when he cried about going.
before he'd cry and i'd be like 'aight let me know when you need to go'
and he' just pee on himself
so i really just stayed on him.
also learned his patterns.
anytime he drinks it usually takes about an hour before he needs to pee.
if he hasn't peed or drank in a while
giving him a lil something to drink then taking him to the bathroom right after was key.

2 weeks later and for the most part he goes on his own
he was already good with pooping but he finally gets the 'i gotta pee' sensation
and goes with it.
i still have to stay behind him if i notice he hasn't gone in a while
and he still cries sometimes (he doesn't like to stop playing to pee)
but over all things are MUCH better and he's almost there.
he still has accidents here and there but he's gone a few days in a row with no accidents
at times. and for that...i am grateful.

For Real (Official Video):


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toilet* training update. [View all] , SHAstayhighalways, Fri Feb-27-15 01:08 PM
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if you use the word Potty he will buy in...
Feb 27th 2015
lmao no
Feb 27th 2015
I hate the term Boo Boo.
Feb 27th 2015
Feb 27th 2015
Feb 27th 2015
Feb 27th 2015
I tell my wife "I'm about to move the crowd"
Feb 27th 2015
this is how i remember the 2nd obama inauguration
Feb 27th 2015
after one day?? ur daughter is the real mvp
Mar 01st 2015
Just went through this with my twins
Feb 27th 2015
that twin life is beyond me
Mar 01st 2015
RE: toilet* training update.
Feb 27th 2015
my sisters 3 yr old refuses to shit in the toilet
Mar 01st 2015
girl, you just feel your wallet grow 10x bigger when pull-ups
Feb 27th 2015
lol dead ass
Mar 01st 2015
there is NO reasonable reason why pull ups should cost more
Mar 01st 2015

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