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Tue Feb-24-15 10:33 PM

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"How do you get a coworker to quit"


We hired a new program assistant and as soon as her 90 days are up we discover this chick is bat fucking shit crazy. My program is small with only 3 adminitrative people including myself. She is supposed to support my director and I. Since she has been with us, my director has gone away for a couple of conferences and is currently serving his 3rd week of jury duty. He's missed about 5 weeks of work since she has been here. For the most part, she has been dealing with me. I give her assignments and stuff she comes to me with questions.

Lately other people in our office suite have been coming to me to complain about her nasty attitude. There are lots of short remarks, eye rolling, hair flipping, etc. She flipped out twice on two of our instructors. I pulled her aside and had a talk with her about keeping your cool, not letting your emotions and ego get in the way of getting shit done, etc. I think we are on the same page. We are cool and then I take off for a couoke of days cone back and somehow I am on her shitlist. She's getting smart with me, ralking to me like I am stupid, telling me what I need to do and what she is and isnt going to do, sending passive agressive emails, and just in general has been consistently rude to ke for longer than anyone could be PMSing. I have talked to my director about it. He seems to think she may feel threatened or intimidated by me. He's hoping that it will work itself out, but has said that it will be brought up in her review.

Since we work at a college and we are past her 90 days its pretty much impossible to fire her. Either she is going to have to quit or transfer, but donething has got to give.

Have you made anyone quit? What has worked for you?


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How do you get a coworker to quit [View all] , brownskinbaby, Tue Feb-24-15 10:33 PM
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For the low price of $247 I'll sell you my Six Degrees To Separation Sta...
Feb 24th 2015
print a termination letter on company lettterhead
Feb 25th 2015
lmao 😂😂😂
Feb 25th 2015
She is civil servant? She can still get fired
Feb 25th 2015
Your director needs to man-up and shut this shit down
Feb 25th 2015
just give her plenty of rope.....
Feb 25th 2015
If you're grimy, figure out her twitter handle/password & have fun.
Feb 25th 2015
lol, soubds like she read the handbook...
Feb 25th 2015
yep...the worse kind...and I bet her references weren't thoroughly check...
Feb 25th 2015
referenced were checked
Feb 25th 2015
      umm WHAT??!
Feb 25th 2015
      lol!! dang @ alladat....
Feb 25th 2015
      what type of college is this? LOL...
Feb 25th 2015
lol right?!
Feb 25th 2015
You dont. Yalls mgmt done fucked up by being lazy
Feb 25th 2015
What do they pay your HR department for? lol
Feb 25th 2015
Feb 25th 2015
90 days means nothing
Feb 25th 2015
It is pretty difficult do get rid of people here
Feb 25th 2015

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