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Sun Feb-22-15 11:31 PM

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"Poll question: Richard Pryor Versus Eddie Murphy Films"


just got through watching some kind of hero with Richard Pryor and its a film i dig and is very underrated and i dig that theme song by Richard Page of the band mister mr.

anyway Pryor had some films that were on point.

Eddie had some.

however curious who you think had the better film career as a actor and whose films do you still watch.

anybody who knows me knows that i love Which way is up the same as i do Coming to America.

however i couldn't get into harlem nights at all. just average at best

Poll result (23 votes)
Pryor (5 votes)Vote
Murphy (15 votes)Vote
a tie (2 votes)Vote
both were overrated and underrated as actors (1 votes)Vote
if it had ain't Katt williams and Kevin Hart then this is past my time (0 votes)Vote



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Richard Pryor Versus Eddie Murphy Films [View all] , mistermaxxx08, Sun Feb-22-15 11:31 PM
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coming to america is literally the best comedy ever.
Feb 22nd 2015
which way is up ain't nothing to sneeze at
Feb 22nd 2015
      Which Way Is Up is a classic...
Feb 24th 2015
eddie murphy wins for the simple fact that richard pryor's best role
Feb 23rd 2015
Murphey, although Pryor is SERIOUSLY underated as a dramatic
Feb 23rd 2015
Blue Collar
Feb 23rd 2015
^^^^^^^ powerful film and Pryor was great in it.
Feb 23rd 2015
Glad to see other people showing this film it's due
Feb 24th 2015
eddie had many more iconic roles
Feb 23rd 2015
I liked Pryor more as an actor but Murphy had the better career
Feb 23rd 2015
pryor laid the ground work for Eddie
Feb 24th 2015
The Golden Child
Feb 23rd 2015
eddie one of the GOAT actors lowkey. Nutty Professor was AMAZING!
Feb 23rd 2015
Bustin' Loose is so damn underrated to me.
Feb 24th 2015
someone said Harlem Nights was his best role. FOH
Feb 24th 2015
      the name is SHA and why don't YOU FOH
Feb 24th 2015
           oh, that was you? lol
Feb 24th 2015
Feb 24th 2015
You can't compare due to budget and time period.
Feb 24th 2015
I'd say Eddie
Feb 24th 2015
this should be an eddie blowout. c'mon.
Feb 24th 2015

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