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Subject: "I think I've seen new little details every time I've watched Friday" Previous topic | Next topic
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Sun Feb-22-15 04:19 PM

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3. "I think I've seen new little details every time I've watched Friday"
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Sun Feb-22-15 04:20 PM by PoppaGeorge



The last time I watched it I noticed in the scene where Joi was cussin out Craig about being at the movies with some other chick, there was a dude laying in the bed next to her.

never noticed that before... And I can't even count the number of times I've watched Friday.

Shit made that scene even more absurd.


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Smokey really told his supplier that he smoked his product though [View all] , MEAT, Sun Feb-22-15 03:17 PM
Subject Author Message Date ID
big worm fronted a smoker..pretty sure he expected it
Feb 22nd 2015
That's true.
Feb 22nd 2015
just like Scotty gambled on a crack-head
Feb 22nd 2015
Feb 22nd 2015
I found something new today.
Feb 22nd 2015
prolly watched it 10 times before I saw that dude laying there
Feb 22nd 2015
Feb 22nd 2015
what??!!...y'all never noticed that?
Feb 22nd 2015
nope, I hadn't
Feb 22nd 2015
lol how yall not notice that.
Feb 23rd 2015
how Craig gon be flat broke when he just got paid yesterday?
Feb 22nd 2015
Right? Maybe he bought the gun with it.
Feb 22nd 2015
coulda been payin rent to his folks
Feb 23rd 2015
Same way I be flat broke on payday.
Feb 23rd 2015
did he or did he not steal the boxes though?
Feb 22nd 2015
i always thought i would've been nice to find that out
Feb 23rd 2015
      Rewatching the original made me really see how bad the sequels were
Feb 23rd 2015
We've made it to The Wood & Brown Sugar
Feb 22nd 2015
lol the same in The Best Man as well
Feb 23rd 2015
Blacula was on last Mamawaldy
Feb 23rd 2015

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