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Subject: "This is really bugging me and I wish I could've done something" Previous topic | Next topic
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Fri Feb-20-15 08:21 PM

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"This is really bugging me and I wish I could've done something"



actually, I mean I wish I HAD done something. My priorities were messed up.

I had an 8:15 AM appt this morning downtown in a 6-floor building. Some of the floors require sign-in before 9. The floor I was going to is opened at 7.

Okay. So, as it happens, the security guard is Asian. As I came into the building today, two people who were also evidently involved in building management and were also Asian were getting on the elevator, and a young Black man was also getting on the elevator. I got on the elevator.

The two building people watched the young man try to punch two different floor numbers and then asked him where he was going. He didn't understand them and when he finally understood what was being asked, he replied and they didn't understand him. They finally made it clear to him that he needed to register at the front desk before the floor he wanted would be unlocked.

This young man looked at the white woman who could punch the floor she wanted and at the two Asian people who were telling him to get off the elevator and sign in, and he said, in real distress, "that's as racist as FUCK."

I didn't think quickly enough. I should have gotten off the elevator right then and given him a better explanation -- that it has to do with when certain floors open and not anything to do with who's trying to get to those floors.

I was late for my appointment and I thought I couldn't help. I still don't know if I could have helped in any way but it really bothers me that I thought more about being late than I thought about his distress.

And you know, it's not that I'm trying to argue that there isn't plenty of racism here. I'm not. But this wasn't an example of it, and I hate for him to think that every single interaction he has is driven by racism.

I just had to get this off my chest. I feel so bad for that young man.

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This is really bugging me and I wish I could've done something [View all] , janey, Fri Feb-20-15 08:21 PM
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nah, he just needs to grow up...
Feb 20th 2015
the front desk has a register
Feb 20th 2015
      that info/policy should be clearly posted...
Feb 21st 2015
I bet he'll post about it this weekend.
Feb 20th 2015
If he does, could you point him to this thread? ;-)
Feb 20th 2015
Feb 20th 2015
Were you late? How late?
Feb 20th 2015
like 7 minutes
Feb 20th 2015
      Less than 10 minutes so you're good
Feb 21st 2015
he'll be didn't do anything wrong
Feb 21st 2015
but you trying to whitesplain away his experience of racism
Feb 21st 2015
If he's normal, he'll live
Feb 21st 2015
Feb 22nd 2015
so he thought the elevator was racist?
Feb 21st 2015
Like auto faucets ?
Feb 22nd 2015
His thinking is silly.
Feb 22nd 2015
so, no one is familiar with racial neurosis? okay player.
Feb 22nd 2015
overwhelmingly the #1 factor of whether people stop to help someone
Feb 22nd 2015
RE: This is really bugging me and I wish I could've done something
Feb 23rd 2015
he sounds ignorant.
Feb 23rd 2015

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