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Fri Feb-20-15 09:30 AM

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"The 5ive (G.Dep edition) "



Let's Get It

I gotta put in my 60 notice to vacate my apartment. I've been there since 2009, it's time to move. I've gotten way too complacent with that aspect of life. My son has been there for 2/3 of his whole life. We moved there when he was 3 and he's now 9.

So this year---we leave and conquer new territory.

I want the world to see

I got a whopping $43 in Federal Tax return this year. That's more than I was expecting. I managed to get my money throughout the year and it's likely why I was able to save an extra $350 a month in addition to what i was already saving.


Special Delivery

Remember when G.Dep said, "I been ready since fish and spaghetti?"...that line pretty much canceled anyone givin' that Child of the Ghetto album a fair shake. This was at a time when Bad Boy didn't put out wack debut albums. I still pump this CD to this day. (Quiet as kept, I also pump that first Loon album when I want to get jiggy and get my party flow on before steppin' out with the ol' lady to a lounge).

Keep it Gangsta

Man, the black people at my job do not speak to one another for sh*t. I've never been in an environment like this. It's crazy. I just celebrated 10 yrs at this joint and this is one aspect of the job that hasn't changed in the last decade.


Nothing Gonna Stop Me.

my son has been gone for the past week (gotta love these random ass school administered mid-winter breaks). Of course he wasn't supposed to come back until Sunday but he's now (scheduled) to come back tomorrow morning because he was invited (at the last minute) to a birthday party. Now the kicker is that we're expecting to have an ice storm of some proportions and as a result, I'm probably gonna have to go get him this evening after work before the storm hits. This parenting sh*t sucks the life out of you at times. I was really looking forward to doing nothing of importance tonight.

What's the going price range for a kid's bday gift (that you the parent really doesn't know)? Do you get something equal to what would be admission to the place the party is being held at or what?

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The 5ive (G.Dep edition) [View all] , Fishgrease, Fri Feb-20-15 09:30 AM
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5 songs about $$$$$*
Feb 20th 2015
my son got a hair cut and the barber gave him what could be imagined
Feb 20th 2015
lol word that shadow of a sideburn puts some years on these lil boys
Feb 20th 2015
      And it doesn't help that my son is kinda tall for his age.
Feb 20th 2015
           lol ditto. my son looks 4 and a half now. he's not 3 yet
Feb 20th 2015
Feb 20th 2015
5 fave foods
Feb 20th 2015
your post made me hungry :(
Feb 20th 2015
Feb 20th 2015
           i want some Mama's now. SCREW YOU!
Feb 20th 2015
just numbers
Feb 20th 2015
I actually bought a lot of spring/summer stuff at the end of the
Feb 20th 2015
damn you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 20th 2015
      but his shoe size has more than doubled. he's 9 and wearing a 6.
Feb 20th 2015
Feb 20th 2015
say hi for me pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaassseee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 20th 2015
      lol i surely will :)
Feb 20th 2015
Five of my fave OKPs
Feb 20th 2015
RE: The 5ive - tv shows I actually watch
Feb 20th 2015
5 songs I'm listening to
Feb 20th 2015

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