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Wed Feb-25-15 01:21 PM

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23. "up. in case anyone's still interested. "
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my youngest daughter's doctor did not clear her to play in the state bball tourny this week with her middle school girls team. without her, they took 2nd in the regional tournament. they would have won, with her. and would have had a chance to win the whole thing this week. but her long term health is more important.

the jv girls team that i coach easily won their regionals. my son's varsity team won two tough games. those two both easily made their all tournament teams, and my son made the all star team for the east (they only do that at the varsity level).

so, if the snow is not too bad, we will have semi finals and championships fri and sat for MSG, JVG and VB teams. wish us luck.

on the school tip, my wife canceled school on monday. my two oldest sons came home for the weekend from college, and my oldest daughter came home, also, and they supported their siblings during the tournament, and we had a great time. we were (as we always do) ripping and running all weekend, so my wife made the call to give the kids monday off, to recoup. she did the girls' hair, and they kinda recharged their batteries.

as it would turn out, when everyone else was having snow days on tuesday, it was no thing for us. the kids knocked out their work, as usual.

peace & blessings,


I'm an advocate for working smarter, not harder. If you just
focus on working hard you end up making someone else rich and
not having much to show for it. (c) mad


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article on black homeschoolers (SWIPE) + axe me questions [View all] , poetx, Wed Feb-18-15 03:08 PM
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Where do they play ball? Seems like you mentioned having a kid
Feb 18th 2015
In my school district, homeschooled kids can play for the local school
Feb 18th 2015
Damn, I guess that's one big drawback. But at least she don't have to
Feb 18th 2015
It was bad enough that she stopped going.
Feb 18th 2015
      that's messed up. i'm sorry to hear about that.
Feb 18th 2015
that's the so-called 'Tebow Rule'. (even though it predates him)
Feb 18th 2015
      Jason Taylor was Homeschooled
Feb 25th 2015
there are entire homeschool conferences and leagues.
Feb 18th 2015
links to good curriculum for a preschooler?
Feb 18th 2015
don't have links but offhand, there were two go-to reading
Feb 18th 2015
      RE: don't have links but offhand, there were two go-to reading
Feb 25th 2015
Who does the teaching?
Feb 18th 2015
This is what I've always wondered about.
Feb 18th 2015
measure thrice, cut once. (in other words be very careful
Feb 18th 2015
in our family, my wife, predominantly.
Feb 18th 2015
      Thanks, bruh.
Feb 18th 2015
           lmao. you know, we've had folks ask us to homeschool they
Feb 18th 2015
bookmarking article for later! always thinking of homeschooling
Feb 18th 2015
where are you? (what state?)
Feb 18th 2015
      i'm in NY state/NYC
Feb 18th 2015
           their laws are kinda strict, but it looks doable.
Feb 18th 2015
                RE: their laws are kinda strict, but it looks doable.
Feb 25th 2015
Another question. What's up with grades?
Feb 18th 2015
absolutely. not really different from public or private school.
Feb 18th 2015
      Interesting. I appreciate the info
Feb 18th 2015
RE: up. in case anyone's still interested.
Feb 25th 2015
We've had a really hard year
Feb 25th 2015

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