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Mon Feb-16-15 11:12 AM

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9. "RE: you like your rap with Profanity or not?"
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Make your money, my nigga, get your money
But don't make the shit make you, now deal with that
I lost a whole bunch of money chasing bitches
But I never lost no bitches chasing money, how real is that?
Only time a woman made a man a millionaire
Was when that man was a former billionaire, how trill is that?
My nigga, get you a fly chick and a drop top
And when she piss you off, do me a favor
Hop in that bitch and peel it back
I already got one
All these bitches be doing is playing musical chairs
With different rappers' front seats without calling shotgun
Face it, you're a ho, as God as my witness
That paper's my litmus I take it then I dip with it
Then I wait for the result
And the verdict is in
Now that I'm sober niggas is saying it's over
Couple of niggas had to off 'em
Couple of bitches mad cause I'm off 'em
Either that or they think that my life is so good my nights be sunny
Oh, he's only been so quiet
Cause he been spending that "Lighters" money
Man, these people spend too much time predicting
Was on your mind up until the time you're non-existent
In the midst of all my success and my failures
I'm just out here struggling
Guess that's what happens in rapping
When you're in your motherfucking prime

You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.


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you like your rap with Profanity or not? [View all] , mistermaxxx08, Sun Feb-15-15 08:53 PM
Subject Author Message Date ID
I like the cuss words
Feb 15th 2015
it honestly makes no difference to me 99% of the time
Feb 15th 2015
Feb 15th 2015
There's absolutely no reason to have the kind of excess Profanity in rap
Feb 15th 2015
"a rhyme aint a rhyme if it aint crime related".
Feb 15th 2015
I always felt profanity was the easy way to rhyme
Feb 16th 2015
don't's R&B singers that curse like rappers I have a problem ...
Feb 16th 2015
some of that shit is laugh out loud ridiculous sounding
Feb 16th 2015
i don't mind it.
Feb 16th 2015
i do miss the days when rappers made clean versions.
Feb 16th 2015
^^^^^^^ i do miss the days when rappers made clean versions.
Feb 16th 2015
me too
Feb 16th 2015
sometimes those were better than the album versions
Feb 16th 2015
Mind Playing Tricks On Me
Feb 17th 2015
case in point, Nas fucked up my singalong to NY State of Mind
Feb 17th 2015
I preferred the DMX censored versions. "WHAT?" "BARK!"
Feb 17th 2015
      LOL!! And Primo's sound effects too
Feb 17th 2015
      "Camay" with the ice clinking in the glass was a favorite of mine n/m
Feb 17th 2015
Wu Tang Clan had the best edited clean versions, ever.
Feb 25th 2015
Feb 25th 2015
At this point, I don't really mind since it's almost an integral part of
Feb 16th 2015
I will raise my boys on Kane, PE, Rakim, De La Soul, Tribe...
Feb 16th 2015
2nd part of that is real as hell, tho. k 97.5 an all that. i can't
Feb 17th 2015
      My son heard "I'm in Love with the Coco" one time.
Feb 17th 2015
now that i'm older and a father
Feb 16th 2015
I don't "like" hearing profanity
Feb 16th 2015
I'd prefer if a rapper not use cuse words in a song where he's talking
Feb 16th 2015
^^^^THAT too
Feb 16th 2015
Or songs about kids, moms, etc...always feels weird
Feb 17th 2015
I don't mind it so long as its not forced.
Feb 16th 2015
If there's an edited version, I always buy it instead
Feb 16th 2015
Depends on the song to me
Feb 16th 2015
Yeah & nah. F@(k the song if it's edited, but if naturally profane free ...
Feb 16th 2015
a light seasoning is aight. i'm old enough to remember when
Feb 16th 2015
And Even After All My Logic and My Theory
Feb 16th 2015
heaping amounts.
Feb 17th 2015
Post jack: List parts of songs that were better on the clean version
Feb 17th 2015
In the words of Black Thought, "I don't care nigga"
Feb 17th 2015
I don't even notice, unless it's a clean edit, which I hate
Feb 17th 2015
Now that I am a Dad
Feb 17th 2015
don't mind profanity but hate crudeness/vulgarity
Feb 17th 2015
what happens if kids are exposed to profane rap?
Feb 17th 2015
They repeat it in front of the wrong people.
Feb 24th 2015
Feb 25th 2015
they grow up....
Feb 24th 2015
Not rap. But I just heard the explicit version of that Nick Jonas song.
Feb 24th 2015
I agree and well I hope he goes away anyway
Feb 25th 2015
i mean yes but it can be and is often way way way way overdone
Feb 24th 2015
*raps in this post like dude in jail in 'Slam'*
Feb 24th 2015
If you're a parent, and you like hiphop, and don't have a Google Play Mu...
Feb 25th 2015

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