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Subject: "Nerd Talk: Is Microsoft's Metro a waste? Let's talk Mobile GUIs. " Previous topic | Next topic
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Fri Feb-13-15 03:28 PM

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"Nerd Talk: Is Microsoft's Metro a waste? Let's talk Mobile GUIs. "



Even though it comes after the Palm/iOs/Android GUI, does it meaningfully improve the user experience?

I have a laptop and a desktop with Win8 but no touch screens so I can't call it. It seemed like a change for the sake of change without being an innovation.

Should MS just give up and develop a GUI that is similar if not much like the Palm/IoS/Android GUI?

Do you think it's possible to improve upon the Palm/IoS/Android GUI?

Have you seen other GUIs that you think could be an interesting mobile GUI alternative?

Is there a name for the Palm/IoS/Android GUI so that I can stop calling it the Palm/IoS/Android GUI?

It seems like Microsoft are the only ones with the might to shake up the Google/Android/Facebook world domination so I am kind of pulling for them to win a little. Which is weird I know because MS world domination wasn't necessarily a great thing (I guess I want them to disrupt without dominating).

This article got me thinking about this.

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Nerd Talk: Is Microsoft's Metro a waste? Let's talk Mobile GUIs. [View all] , Buddy_Gilapagos, Fri Feb-13-15 03:28 PM
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google/android calls their aesthetic 'material design'
Feb 13th 2015

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