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Subject: "Would u correct a colleague/work 'friend' who said pacifically" Previous topic | Next topic
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Fri Jan-30-15 07:16 PM

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"Poll question: Would u correct a colleague/work 'friend' who said pacifically"
Fri Jan-30-15 07:19 PM by blkprinceMD05



When they meant specifically? Like this is a girl I'm super cool with a work and I think she's otherwise a real go getter at my job and has great leadership qualities. We text here and there outside of work but I wouldn't consider her a friend friend (if we were friends like that I would have no problem correcting her but since we aren't I don't want to offend or embarrass, we aren't that close)

But she says pacifically when she means specifically and I cringe hard every time

And I think it may hold her back at some point in the future

Poll result (6 votes)
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No (1 votes)Vote
I'd make it a point to say specifically around her as much as possible and hope she caught on (1 votes)Vote



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Would u correct a colleague/work 'friend' who said pacifically [View all] , blkprinceMD05, Fri Jan-30-15 07:16 PM
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yoo i was watching married to medicine(ya i know)
Jan 30th 2015
theres a lot to unpack here lol
Jan 30th 2015
      blame my wife
Jan 30th 2015
nah, 'cause she's probably 'bout to jump into the Pacific
Jan 30th 2015
im gonna do it
Jan 31st 2015
Nah, but I'm sending it into Fiyastarter for tank of the week.
Jan 31st 2015
Only if I didn't like them, or they weren't black or brown
Jan 31st 2015
One of our mumble-mouth country ass trainers kills that shit.
Jan 31st 2015
I don't ever correct ppl
Feb 01st 2015
it's hella awkward. I can do it easily with younger or people
Feb 01st 2015
A big one with these North Jersey people is saying
Feb 01st 2015
Unless I'm teaching English, IDGAF.
Feb 01st 2015

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