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Wed Jan-28-15 12:52 PM

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4. "LOL. i do this all day."
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Wed Jan-28-15 12:53 PM by SoWhat



>but the evidence against you was so compelling and it would
>be difficult to prove your innocence.

if that's the case then i'm listening to the prosecution's offer.

Either because you were
>setup or just sheer bad luck of being at the wrong
>place at the wrong time. The minimum sentence for this crime
>is 5-10 with no possibility
>for parole.

if the prosecution offers to reduce the charge so i can avoid that minimum sentence i'm probably going to accept the offer. especially if they offer a reduction to a misdemeanor. (note: i assume this is about a felony charge due to the number of yrs in the minimum sentence)

if the prosecution doesn't offer to reduce the charge but offers the minimum sentence i may accept depending on several factors:

what i know about the sentencing judge (do they sentence harshly?)
the nature of charge (is it a heinous crime?)
the nature of the facts the prosecution can prove (is there something aggravating in the facts that will make the judge likely to give me a harsh sentence?)
the nature of my criminal history (will the judge launch me after a trial loss b/c i've got several priors?)

...generally if i have a clean record and the offense charge isn't heinous and there are no aggravating facts in the case i'm going to take the risk of trial if the prosecution won't offer a reduction. b/c maybe the jury will find me NG. or the prosecution will fuck up the case and i get that NG or the case doesn't survive my attorney's motion for a directed verdict.

>Lets say you have to stand trial but have been ruled out as a
>flight risk so you made bail.
>what would you do?

my analysis is the same whether i'm in or out of custody pre-trial.

fuck you.


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If you were charged with a crime you did not commit... (hypothetical) [View all] , imperial, Wed Jan-28-15 11:27 AM
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Red then Green if needed
Jan 28th 2015
i'd hit the net. do a go fund me. cry on camera. appeal to the masses.
Jan 28th 2015
No one will ever win accusing me of shit I didn't do
Jan 28th 2015
in the real world that's usually not smart.
Jan 28th 2015
      I disagree but i understand your point
Jan 28th 2015
           Uh huh. Sure.
Jan 28th 2015
           we are of course speaking in hypotheticals correct?
Jan 28th 2015
                yes. and i speak from actual experience.
Jan 28th 2015
                     my issue is I don't buy the lack of defense part
Jan 28th 2015
Jan 28th 2015
           If you get convicted your name is linked as public record anyway
Jan 28th 2015
                IF... that is a big IF
Jan 28th 2015
                     RE: IF... that you can be accused of rape
Jan 28th 2015
RE: LOL. i do this all day.
Jan 28th 2015
      some ppl do have a hard time admitting to a crime they didn't commit.
Jan 28th 2015
      did you mean lynched or are u saying their asses got launched into jail?
Jan 28th 2015
Jan 28th 2015
                word. i learned some new legal shit today. now watch me weave it into
Jan 28th 2015
Jan 28th 2015
      it would need to be a non-extradition treaty country
Jan 28th 2015
           RE: it would need to be a non-extradition treaty country
Jan 28th 2015
                Plenty of other African nations to pick from
Jan 28th 2015
Red. Green if I'm too broke for a good lawyer.
Jan 28th 2015
Everyone voting red is slightly full of pooo
Jan 28th 2015
Green that was me
Jan 28th 2015
Depending on the size of the reduction, take the plea deal
Jan 28th 2015
thug apologists say that innocent ppl plead out in these scenarios
Jan 28th 2015
Jan 28th 2015
lol. How is that not every trial lawyer's morning alarm?
Jan 28th 2015
      it's my intro song during trial.
Jan 28th 2015
It's a risk aversion/probability thing
Jan 28th 2015
and the appeal thing...
Jan 28th 2015
say Harold Reynolds rape somebody in Philly
Jan 28th 2015
Where the option for "Call Sara Koenig?" lol
Jan 28th 2015
Define charged because 2003, 2005-2008, 2011-12 were times where shit go...
Jan 28th 2015
this dude i know
Jan 28th 2015
im going back to India. TRY & find me Uncle Sam. *Marshawn Lynch gesture...
Jan 28th 2015
I meant to vote GREEN, accidentally hit yellow (tho I'd pray too)
Jan 28th 2015

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