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Subject: "Hypothetical: You and Your SO Receive a Lovely Gift Basket" Previous topic | Next topic
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Mon Jan-05-15 11:38 AM

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"Hypothetical: You and Your SO Receive a Lovely Gift Basket"
Mon Jan-05-15 11:38 AM by veritas


This gift basket contains 5 different types of gourmet snack foods.

Item 1 is your favorite of the group, but your SO despises it or will not eat it due to a dietary restriction.

Item 2 is your SO's absolute favorite, to the point that friends and co-workers sometimes give him/her this specific item as a small gift because they know how much he/she loves it. Item 2 is also your 2nd favorite food contained in the basket.

Item 3 neither of you particularly care for, but will eat. It's the proverbial orange Starburst.

Item 4 is your third favorite food of the group, but your SO doesn't care for it. He/she will eat it, but you know they don't like it very much.

Item 5 is your SO's 2nd favorite of the group, but you are ambivalent. You don't really like it, but you don't dislike it either.

In which order do you eat the snacks? Obviously there will be some variance based on your taste at a given moment, but overall, in which order would you eat the snacks until each individual item was gone? And why?

i still blame hip-hop.


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Hypothetical: You and Your SO Receive a Lovely Gift Basket [View all] , veritas, Mon Jan-05-15 11:38 AM
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Item 3 first, then Item 4, Item 5, Item 2, and Item 1
Jan 05th 2015
you're probably not going to get any of item 2 if you do that
Jan 05th 2015
Item 2 first...but i wouldn't take more than half.
Jan 05th 2015
Jan 05th 2015
RE: Hypothetical: You and Your SO Receive a Lovely Gift Basket
Jan 05th 2015
let's say there are 5 of each thing. 25 total items
Jan 05th 2015
      RE: let's say there are 5 of each thing. 25 total items
Jan 05th 2015
This would be an interesting breakdown between married, unmarried
Jan 05th 2015
if you receive a gift basket as a couple and ain't been intimate
Jan 05th 2015
      if the dude's been friend zoned.
Jan 05th 2015
Split the pie 5 ways...
Jan 05th 2015
That's where I'm going with it. There's not a right answer
Jan 05th 2015
we each get one item to claim, then split the other three
Jan 05th 2015
so the fact that you like her favorite very much and she despises
Jan 05th 2015
      meh. I'm fat enough already
Jan 05th 2015
      do you wanna wear her panties too? buy your own, damn
Jan 05th 2015
           I hope your life gets better.
Jan 05th 2015
           double lol.
Jan 05th 2015
Jan 05th 2015
i'd start with 4, 3, 5, 2, 1
Jan 05th 2015
if you don't smoke a bowl and let it whip already.
Jan 05th 2015
Jan 05th 2015
      lol @ your sig
Jan 05th 2015
i'd open the one i like that my spouse hates first
Jan 05th 2015
we would share all of them...
Jan 05th 2015

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