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Subject: "Do you think there's more police brutality in the 2010s?" Previous topic | Next topic
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Mon Jan-05-15 10:08 AM

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"Do you think there's more police brutality in the 2010s?"
Mon Jan-05-15 10:16 AM by Mongo



With everything going on these days, I wonder if there's actually more brutality, or if it's just that ubiquitous camera phones and Internet distribution have made us more aware of common police brutality. Like Rodney King was a pivot point for publication of clandestine acts. Or are we more racist as a society? Is violence just less tolerable? I don't know.

*edit* Compared I suppose to the 80s or 90s. I don't think it's fair to necessarily compare today's police brutality with the 60s or 70s, where it was sort of an institutional imperative, to now, where's it's generally frowned upon in public venues.


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Do you think there's more police brutality in the 2010s? [View all] , Mongo, Mon Jan-05-15 10:08 AM
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compared to when
Jan 05th 2015
same as its always been....possibly 'better' now
Jan 05th 2015
awareness has increased but it's as bad as it's always been. and yes,
Jan 05th 2015
I actually think there is less by some measurements.
Jan 05th 2015
Same as it ever was (c) David Byrne
Jan 05th 2015
There's probably less right now
Jan 05th 2015
i don't think so but
Jan 05th 2015

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