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Subject: "RE: People read what they want, so they can create their own facts." Previous topic | Next topic
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Mon Dec-29-14 03:47 PM

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7. "RE: People read what they want, so they can create their own facts."
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Mon Dec-29-14 03:58 PM by vee-lover



>Also you have people not wanting to face the reality that
>White-America dislikes them in 2014 the same way it did in

As hateful as some, a lot, of white ppl have historically been towards Negroes in America, we still shouldn't categorize race-relations between us and the dominant society as (all) "white-America" dislikes us...because it isn't and has never been ALL white ppl who were hostile to us

Take for instance, Louie Armstrong, who this post is abt, had it not been for a white family the world would've never gotten to know him as the greatest trumpeter ever - they bought him his first coronet and always encouraged him to continue to get better

That same white family also made sure he ate a home-cooked meal every night ...because they knew Armstrong came from a very broken home

And this was at a time when the country was nearly torn apart because of racism/slavery



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Louis Armstrong arrested as "suspicious & dangerous" age 9 in 1910 [View all] , imcvspl, Mon Dec-29-14 03:13 PM
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I ride for Pops all day, but they were shooting a gun off.
Dec 29th 2014
that was the second arrest and it was new years... everyone was
Dec 29th 2014
^^yep the Jazz documentary mentioned this in the 1st series - 'Little
Dec 29th 2014
      again that's 3 years later not what happened when he was 9
Dec 29th 2014
           Yep I read it was afterwards but still...Armstrong said himself he was a
Dec 29th 2014
           People read what they want, so they can create their own facts.
Dec 29th 2014
                     captain joseph jones was very black. manuela was creole.
Dec 29th 2014

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