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Subject: "I read on the Huffingtonn post as far back as 09 that there was a " Previous topic | Next topic
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Tue Dec-23-14 04:40 PM

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14. "I read on the Huffingtonn post as far back as 09 that there was a "
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growing trend of Americans not celebrating xmas - some due to economic reasons while others is because less and less ppl are identifying w/Christianity therefore they don't recognize the day as a holy occasion

I do think the perception of ppl celebrating the day probably varies from city to city but overall I've felt this way just based on the last few cities/countries I've lived in

Although as a kid, you're mostly concerned w/what toys, bike you were going to get more than anything else but I do remember in my household there still being a certain reverence for what the day was actually supposed to be abt which is the birth of Christ - I don't get that sense nowadays even amongst many Christains, now it seems the day is more abt making sure you get ppl the right gift

I lived in a middle class neighborgphood last year in Atlanta where most of the homewowners were older blk folks and I remember this time last year that there were far more ppl who DIDN'T have xmas lights up vs those that did...because I normally look for the homes decorated w/lights and was kinda surprised that so few homes had xmas lights up

>shit on fleek, naan parking spaces
>and it's cold rainy and the middle of a work day
>every house on the block bling blinging with lawn jockeys and
>lights as well
>probably depends on your community



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As Time Goes On It Feels Less And Less Like Xmas [View all] , vee-lover, Tue Dec-23-14 11:45 AM
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i feel like the economy is better than it has been in years
Dec 23rd 2014
anyone who has ever worked in hospitality feels that way
Dec 23rd 2014
or you're getting further and further from the fantasy aspect of Xmas
Dec 23rd 2014
i agree.
Dec 23rd 2014
The fantasy aspect of Xmas ended for me when I found out at 9 yrs
Dec 23rd 2014
I still love it
Dec 23rd 2014
Anyone used to dress up for Christmas dinner?
Dec 23rd 2014
i didn't put up a tree last year or this year
Dec 23rd 2014
how old is your kid?when mine were really young i had christmas whenever
Dec 23rd 2014
Dec 23rd 2014
Lol I feel the same way
Dec 23rd 2014
RE: sucks having pink eye
Dec 23rd 2014
xmas doesn't feel the same w/o kids involved
Dec 23rd 2014
i think its just you
Dec 23rd 2014
naw just came back from a mall
Dec 23rd 2014
Thanksgiving is the bigger holiday w/my fam
Dec 23rd 2014
Mine too - been that way for at least 2 and 1/2 decades w/my family
Dec 23rd 2014
I like to fuck with people who I'm giving gifts to, to keep the spirit
Dec 23rd 2014
Normally I'm Mr. Christmas, but this has been a hectic couple of months
Dec 23rd 2014
xmas is for kids.
Dec 23rd 2014
i like the convivial aspect of this time of year
Dec 23rd 2014
i didn't feel like getting a tree this year
Dec 23rd 2014
^this reply made laugh out loud - so the tree ain't gonna get decorated
Dec 23rd 2014
Christmas is a commercial thing
Dec 23rd 2014
I'm getting older. Our son is getting older. Its not the same.
Dec 24th 2014

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