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Thu Feb-19-15 09:58 AM

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6. "Will Smith Back Y'all!!!!"
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So I read this new Esquire interview of Will Smith expecting him to be on some scientology type "I’m a student of patterns. At heart, I’m a physicist" type quotables but dude was totally off that.

He was as humble as I have ever heard him speak. Even talked alot about commitment to service to others and his little baptist grandma as an idol. Good Read.

I've been up and down with Will Smith. First rap album I bought myself so once he was my favorite MC. Then I thought he got a bad rap because black folks turned on him when he started talking respectability politics (I always found it interesting that some black folks will turn on you quicker for saying "rappers shouldn't curse so much" than for, say, being accused of rape.)

But dude completely lost me when he started sounding like Tom Cruise. Anyway, sounds like the failure of beyond earth knocked some sense into him.

The healthy ego is still there, but dude navigated questions about ferguson and struggle pretty well. None of that all you have to do is Will success and it will happen type talk.

I wonder how important this movie being a success is for his career going forward?

"Everyone has a plan until you punch them in the face. Then they don't have a plan anymore." (c) Mike Tyson

"One of the most important things in life is what Judge Learned Hand described as 'that ever-gnawing inner doubt as to whether you're r


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Focus: Staring 'Will Smith'. I just noticed the date. so Im just late,. ... [View all] , DavidHasselhoff, Mon Dec-22-14 04:57 PM
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I feel like Will Smith has painted himself into a corner.
Dec 23rd 2014
he's gone from Actor to Movie Star
Feb 19th 2015
      Agreed. But how come some actors are lauded for this tipping point?
Feb 26th 2015
Mar 10th 2015
           But still, why is that a good thing?
Mar 10th 2015
                yeah that hand gets overplayed
Mar 10th 2015
                It's a good thing for the actor, because he gets paid more
Mar 12th 2015
      he's gone from rapper to Movie Star
Feb 26th 2015
      yeah Denzel is pretty much Denzel in everything he's in, lol
Mar 12th 2015
trailer is old but it doesn't come out until the end of Feb
Dec 23rd 2014
not really...i hadn't seen it any any movie previews..looks boring
Dec 23rd 2014
hmm was the female lead conning him the whole time?
Dec 23rd 2014
Margot Robbie is a spiritual experience
Dec 23rd 2014
Feb 19th 2015
shit looks boring and awful...
Feb 19th 2015
      Meh, it looks like it will come down to execution.
Feb 19th 2015
           that has redbox written all over it.
Feb 19th 2015
Just make Bad Boys 3 already nobody wants to see anything else
Feb 19th 2015
Martin ain't Martin no more. They'd probably find a way to cast K. Hart
Feb 19th 2015
      He wasnt no Martin in 2 tho
Feb 19th 2015
RE: Focus: Staring 'Will Smith'. I just noticed the date. so Im just lat...
Feb 19th 2015
Not sure why he tried to create a new super hero...
Feb 19th 2015
MIB isn't a franchise???
Feb 19th 2015
RE: MIB isn't a franchise???
Feb 19th 2015
      And you used Sherlock and MI as examples?
Feb 19th 2015
      RE: And you used Sherlock and MI as examples?
Feb 27th 2015
      forgot all about MIB
Feb 19th 2015
RE: Focus: Staring 'Will Smith'. I just noticed the date. so Im just lat...
Feb 19th 2015
his franchi$e/formula was:him, outerspace/future, nonhuman foil/sidekick
Feb 27th 2015
      Good point
Mar 10th 2015
yall crazy, this looks good
Feb 19th 2015
Saw this shit last night. Mos def see this this weekend
Feb 26th 2015
I'm surprised no outrage Willy don't be having black leading ladies
Feb 27th 2015
"These days"?
Feb 27th 2015
hollywood formula is known. black star + costar makes it a "black film"
Feb 27th 2015
I enjoyed this on date night.
Mar 12th 2015

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