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Mon Dec-22-14 11:48 AM

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"My wife's mother is jealous of our relationship"


I'm really about to cuss her Mother and her FIL out.

We have asked about Xmas plans for weeks. This weekend we got a call from a young cousin who NEVER calls us asking if we are coming to the coast for Xmas.

2 days later her mom text that she is going to be out of town for Xmas.

Now my wife is on some Will Smith "why don't they want me?" and I'm ready for war.

My wife is the black sheep of her fam. I've seen her mother and older sister try to back her into a corner on some bullshit and I had to step in and let them know that shit won't be tolerated anymore.

I think it's crazy for a parent to turn their back on you because you aren't living your life the way they want you to live it.


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My wife's mother is jealous of our relationship [View all] , legsdiamond, Mon Dec-22-14 11:48 AM
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what aspect of her life are they specifically upset about?
Dec 22nd 2014
they were mad at her for pursuing her dream of being a dancer
Dec 22nd 2014
      RE: they were mad at her for pursuing her dream of being a dancer
Dec 22nd 2014
      I would never actually cuss them out
Dec 22nd 2014
      Damn. Your in-laws Jamaican?
Dec 22nd 2014
you should make it a point to sprinkle moms with a little love, too.
Dec 22nd 2014
Would ur wife's FIL be your dad?
Dec 22nd 2014
good catch, I meant my FIL, her stepdad
Dec 22nd 2014
good luck with that bruh
Dec 22nd 2014
I'm very sorry to hear about this...
Dec 22nd 2014
family shit be the craziest shit ever yo.
Dec 22nd 2014
it's sad... they be whispering and having secrets and shit.
Dec 22nd 2014
your xmas without them will be less stressful
Dec 22nd 2014
Yep, and she knows this but it's the way it went down
Dec 22nd 2014
Havent talked to my mom since august over similar stuff
Dec 22nd 2014
A good general approach is be super nice, friendly and generous while
Dec 22nd 2014
I did all those things....
Dec 22nd 2014
sorry to hear that
Dec 22nd 2014
300K? that's a nice come up.
Dec 22nd 2014
      Me neither
Dec 22nd 2014
you know what you do?
Dec 22nd 2014
Dec 22nd 2014

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