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Fri Dec-19-14 02:04 PM

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"Poll question: Work Scenario - What you doing???"



Let's say you are an assistant and you work for/under 5 people. You have a disagreement with one of them, where they falsely accuse you of being disrespectful, report it to the office manager, and are rude and disrespectful to you. The individual you work for isn't a manager or anyone a lawyer/assistant relationship. So while you work for him, he is not 'your boss'.

The office manager tells you that they don't believe you were being disrespectful, and that they will 'talk' with them about it, but you feel they are just doing damage control on both sides.

You continue to work for this individual, but the matter is never bought up again. The individual tries to be extra nice to you, but you are keeping it strictly business.

Fast forward to xmas time(about 1 month later) and as your office custom, all of the people you work for are giving you individual certificates. He gives you something that isn't make or break but something you def could use...lets say around $150.

What you doing?

For clarification purposes, lets say the disrespect he showed you was by constantly interrupting you while you were trying to explain yourself, stating that he is your superior and you have to do whatever he tells you, and finally interrupting you one last time, declaring that the conversation was over.

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Work Scenario - What you doing??? [View all] , Cenario, Fri Dec-19-14 02:04 PM
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so you sayin a coworker you don't rock with like that gave you a gift
Dec 19th 2014
nope i haven't gotten the gift yet lol
Dec 19th 2014
      if i'm not cool with you like that, i'd rather you not give me anything....
Dec 19th 2014
i like gifts so i'm taking it.
Dec 19th 2014
im good. I have a hard time accepting gifts in general tho
Dec 19th 2014

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