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Subject: "Stand your Ground defense fails. For Asian guy. (swipe)" Previous topic | Next topic
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Thu Dec-18-14 05:27 AM

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"Stand your Ground defense fails. For Asian guy. (swipe)"
Thu Dec-18-14 05:35 AM by Doronmonkflake



After all, you can't just shoot people you think look like a threat.

Not if they're White.

Note how little it says about the young man's crime of breaking and entering. It never says what he was wearing. It doesn't mention what drugs he was on at the time or how many other houses he previously broke into. Just that the late Diren Dede was unarmed, a German exchange student and aged 17.

How interesting.

Da bayball, babeh. (c) Charlie Kelly.


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Stand your Ground defense fails. For Asian guy. (swipe) [View all] , Doronmonkflake, Thu Dec-18-14 05:27 AM
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Dec 18th 2014
It really is unmistakable when you actually look at it.
Dec 18th 2014
Problem was, it wasn't a black kid... Not that he was Asian..
Dec 18th 2014
It's a joke. On us, as usual.
Dec 18th 2014
sadly you are totally right.
Dec 18th 2014
its both
Dec 18th 2014
I'm starting to get disheartened with the people I like/identify with no...
Dec 18th 2014
i'm with you on this one.
Dec 18th 2014
I was shocked to see how fair they were to this victim.
Dec 18th 2014
showed a nice clean cut pic of him and everything
Dec 18th 2014
it was downright sympathetic. like maybe a kid died.
Dec 18th 2014
that part i get. the disparity is disgusting.
Dec 18th 2014
      The disparity is all any of my anger is about. this dude is awful.
Dec 18th 2014
           word. glad you clarified and i share your sentiments.
Dec 18th 2014
sadly we can not. Do not pass racism do not collect
Dec 18th 2014
i imagine this niggas' Whitenes Counselor pulling him off to the
Dec 18th 2014
This guy was seeing a hair stylist?
Dec 18th 2014
Oh, and as far as I'm concerned, you take the bait? That's on you
Dec 18th 2014
I don't feel sorry for the kid either. There are no good guys here.
Dec 18th 2014
right, it's like people getting upset over bait cars.
Dec 18th 2014
I think they got it right...
Dec 18th 2014
I wonder how Asians feel about this case?
Dec 18th 2014

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