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Subject: "why is k michelle refusing to accept her gatdamn LANE?!" Previous topic | Next topic
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Wed Dec-17-14 05:08 PM

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"why is k michelle refusing to accept her gatdamn LANE?!"



WHY every damn time i turn around she is somewhere throwing hella monkey wrenches in that dudes program?

she KNOWS their thing was a fling.

she KNOWS hes trying to be w/ his babys mother & do the family shit

she keeps on pumping her idiotic album based on nothing but sideness

& thats cool but dont get on tv like you been done wrong

you are the SIDE PIECE.

stay in your gatdamn lane, on the SIDE.

you are not the entree, you are the side order of fries.

please please PLEASE play your damn position in 2015

this shit is atrocious im sick of it


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why is k michelle refusing to accept her gatdamn LANE?! [View all] , Binlahab, Wed Dec-17-14 05:08 PM
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she gotta sell that record.
Dec 17th 2014
You mad cause she airing him out. LOYALTY IS OVER
Dec 17th 2014
Dec 17th 2014
what did he do to her?
Dec 17th 2014
Look at how Idris is looking at her:
Dec 17th 2014
nigga lookn alil nervous lol
Dec 17th 2014
Her angle is so weird
Dec 17th 2014
she's never met him let alone touched his dick
Dec 17th 2014
He directed her musical and there is a pic in this very post that shows
Dec 17th 2014
Damn, why would Idris fool with her? Even as a sidepiece?
Dec 17th 2014
Dec 17th 2014
she is very special
Dec 17th 2014
lost a little bit of respect for idris after finding this out
Dec 17th 2014
like this is the first time someone used a relationship to sell an album
Dec 17th 2014
Remember when we used to call girls like her "chickenheads"?
Dec 17th 2014
On Wendy Williams she said she knew she was on the side...
Dec 17th 2014
she's waffled a lot on that part of it though
Dec 17th 2014

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