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Tue Dec-16-14 02:05 PM

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"GOT Season 5 Chatter..."



Anyone else signed up for "The Sight"?

Got glimpses of Sansa, Tyrion and Cersi this past week.

Also, through the internet rabbit hole, I found some very spoilery
footage of season 5 from on set and basically, GRRM is out of time:

If you're a book reader, you know that can only be one specific scene in Mereen.

Did anyone else read A World of Ice and Fire. I've gotten through all but the last 100 or so pages that cover lands outside of Westeros. All of the history he created for the major houses is amazing. Totally worth the read if you are a big nerd over ASOIAF. Creates a lot of questions and theories based on historical evidence presented.

The Green Mile is a movie where the magical black man wrongly dies and the white man who let it happen lives forever.


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GOT Season 5 Chatter... [View all] , Very-Effortless, Tue Dec-16-14 02:05 PM
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Is this going to be book-spoilery or not?
Dec 16th 2014
This particular scene isn't a spoiler if you've read
Dec 16th 2014
RE: This particular scene isn't a spoiler if you've read
Dec 16th 2014
The series is starting to eclipse the book
Dec 16th 2014
im out. next new GoT i take in will be WoW
Dec 16th 2014
i laughed
Dec 16th 2014
yeah, I thought that was particularly hilarious.
Dec 16th 2014
does he shop s-mart?
Dec 31st 2014
i love A World of Ice and Fire, im not reading it as one thing tho
Dec 31st 2014
So...maybe we will get some Iron Borne stuff as a way to eat up time?
Dec 31st 2014
I hope they do, I kno they cast the old doctor bashir from DS9 as doran
Dec 31st 2014
      There needs to be a spin off show based on Oldtown
Dec 31st 2014
           yesssssssssssssss, definitely
Dec 31st 2014
                IMO The Free Cities stuff is infinitely more interesting
Dec 31st 2014
                     i love the history of volantis and braavos, would love more info
Jan 02nd 2015
By the way, the Telltale Games Game of Thrones point and click adventure...
Jan 02nd 2015
RE: GOT Season 5 Chatter...
Jan 02nd 2015

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