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Subject: "Dream post... What are your most crazy/meaningful dreams" Previous topic | Next topic
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Mon Dec-15-14 06:27 PM

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"Dream post... What are your most crazy/meaningful dreams"



Every once in a while I have dreams that really stick with me. Like they're so strange and vivid and full of wtf that I can't get them off my mind.

Two nights ago I had a dream where I was in my childhood house and went to go open the back door and 3 leopards and a okapi walked in. At first I was scared like, "oh shit there are leopards in the house, I've got to get them out." Then I wasn't scared and I gently shooed them out of the house one by one.

A few years back I had a dream where I was in my first childhood apartment and I had a pimple on my face. When I popped it a whole fern frond like this was stuck in there and I pulled it out. I could feel every leaf. It was very surreal.

Lastly, a few years back I had a dream that a person I hate and hadn't seen in years jumped into my car and tried to drive me into a wall. Thought it was an omen but shrugged it off. Then in real life two days later she tracked me down, showed up at my job and used my name to get the job, unfortunately my boss never checked with me. That was creepy, especially since I hadn't thought about her or seen her in ages.

Share yours.



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Dream post... What are your most crazy/meaningful dreams [View all] , Sarah_Bellum, Mon Dec-15-14 06:27 PM
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Let's see....
Dec 15th 2014
There's a lot of running and escaping in your dreams.
Dec 15th 2014
i have vivid dreams pretty much every night.
Dec 15th 2014
Dare to share my brother or sister...
Dec 15th 2014
      i'm a *shug avery voice* sistaaaaaa
Dec 16th 2014
           another thing about me and dreams is that i can recall them
Dec 16th 2014
                Me too... I can remember dreams from childhood
Dec 16th 2014
                     good to know im not alone in this
Dec 17th 2014
                          do you have sleep paralysis?
Dec 17th 2014
                               i used to get it all the time as a kid
Dec 18th 2014
running like I'm in quicksand
Dec 15th 2014
I have this exact one over and over.
Dec 16th 2014
      wtf does the teeth shit mean?
Dec 16th 2014
Man don't even get me started
Dec 16th 2014
Dec 16th 2014
it involved a cartoonish lizard, a chase down a spiraling staircase &--
Dec 16th 2014
Onstage, soundin terrible and my set has two more hrs.
Dec 17th 2014
last night my dream involved me riding a bike everywhere
Dec 18th 2014

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