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Mon Dec-08-14 12:08 AM

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20. "I believe he inspired some of Cabin in the Woods"
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Not the least of which bein that opening scene with Bradley Whitford havin a long self important monologue down a hall behind a dollied camera.

Speaking of which, I would like to see some prequels of that movie. Other times the Old Gods nearly destroyed the world and the evil machinations of the Ozymandian well-meaning saved us all with a 5-head sacrifice.

They could culminate with the first instance.

Da bayball, babeh. (c) Charlie Kelly.


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HBO's Newsroom and Aaron Sorkin shows (spoiler Alert) [View all] , OrangeandBlue, Sat Dec-06-14 08:27 PM
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Nope season is great.
Dec 06th 2014
ACN couldn't raise $4 Billion but some how Sloan can?
Dec 06th 2014
      No she wasn't
Dec 06th 2014
Sorkin's style is grating as fuck to me
Dec 06th 2014
West Wing is dope but I couldnt get into the Newsroom
Dec 06th 2014
RE: Sorkin's style is grating as fuck to me
Dec 07th 2014
      got through half
Dec 08th 2014
i love Newsroom
Dec 06th 2014
All his characters speak with the same voice
Dec 06th 2014
I hate all of that forced overwrought garbage
Dec 06th 2014
The Newsroom is Sports Night 2.0
Dec 06th 2014
Or as Keith Olbermann has described the show:
Dec 06th 2014
      Yeah, I remember when Sports Night came out both Olbermann and
Dec 06th 2014
      They should've been! lol nm
Dec 06th 2014
      I just realized that link in your sig is all The Wire characters.....
Dec 07th 2014
I looooooove this show.
Dec 07th 2014
I think most of the above criticisms are fair
Dec 07th 2014
made it through half of season one and detested that shit
Dec 07th 2014
After Season 2 of Newsroom I couldn't take anymore
Dec 07th 2014
Hate-watched S1 and 2, into this season
Dec 07th 2014

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