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"Nine Secrets of Motivated People - swipe"



(I'm going to critique this as I heavily edit this)

1. When you make a plan, anticipate bumps

Before even trying to achieve a goal, target potential pitfalls and troubleshoot them. Peter Gollwitzer, a professor of psychology at New York University, in New York City, says that people who plan for obstacles are more likely to stick with projects than those who don't.

2. Channel the little engine that could - really

A person's drive is often based on what she believes about her abilities, not on how objectively talented she is, according to research by Albert Bandura, a professor of psychology at Stanford University. His work has shown that people who have perceived self-efficacy (that is, the belief that they can accomplish what they set out to do) perform better than those who don't.

3. Don't let your goals run wild....but work on them every day

When your sights are too ambitious, they can backfire, burn you out, and actually become demotivating, says Lisa Ordonez, a professor of management and organizations at the Eller College of Management, at the University of Arizona, in Tuscon.

According to Daniel Pink, author of Drive: The Surprising Truth about What Motivates Us (Riverhead, $27), taking small steps every day will not only help hold your interest in what you're trying to achieve but will also ensure that you move slowly, but surely, toward your goal.

4. Go Public with it

Instead of keeping your intentions to yourself, make them known to many....After all, it's harder to abandon a dream when you know that people are tracking your progress.

(uh, it shouldn't be surprising that I'm choosing to critique this article at this point....This suggestion has been cautioned against in many of my readings due to the reality that many people aren't "encouragers" and a dream may need to "incubate" for a significant amount of time without too many "naysayers" at first - especially if you are inclined to be easily discouraged and somewhat "self-destructive"/"self-sabotaging" to the point of informing people you know are going to give you lot's of negative energy and feedback)

5. Lean on a support crew when you're struggling

Think of the friends and family who truly want to see you succeed. Enlisting those with whom you have authentic relationships is key when your motivation begins to wane.

6. Make yourself a priority

(don't let yourself be sidetracked by too many demands)

7. Challenge yourself - and change things up

It's hard to remain enthusiastic when everything stays the same, says Frank Busch, who has coached three Olympic swimming teams. To keep his athletes motivated, he constantly challenges and surprises them.....

8. Keep on learning

To refuel your efforts, focus on enjoying the process of getting to the goal, rather than just eyeing the finish line.

9. Remember the deeper meaning

You're more likely to realize a goal when it has true personal significance to you, according to Edward L. Deci. a professor of psychology at the University of Rochester, in New York (For example, "I want to learn to speak French so I can communicate with my Canadian relatives" is more powerful reason than "I should learn French so that I can be a more cultured person.") And when the process isn't a pleasant one, it helps to recall that personal meaning


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