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Cold Truth
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Wed May-17-06 06:40 PM

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11. "the biggest reason is that its the "industry standard""
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meaning that, anytime you make a track/song in pro tools, you can almost always take it to any studio and simply import the entire session.

nowadays most are getting savvier and adding multiple formats, however, so its not as big a deal as it once was.

the high end pro tools hd systems are renowned for their converters and "sound"- which is supposed to be a huge jup in quality from their home based systems, the digi family.

its got a lot of tricks up its sleeve though.... but it depends on you and what you are comfortable with.

me, i rock cubase, and i am better in cubase then i would be in pro tools simply due to familiarity and comfort.

when purchasing an audio/midi sequencer you need to ask your self a few things:

1.are you more midi based, or more audio based? the general consensus is that pro tools isnt your best bet for midi

2. do you plan on getting a seperate sound card/interface? moreover, do you have money to do so? pro tools always comes with, and doenst work without, its own hardwware, with the exception of pro tools free, which i am not even sure they make anymore. cubase/logic/etc do come bundled with an audio/midi interface, but its generally a lesser lite" version. a good way o go is to cop the emu 1820 soundcard with breakout box and its cubase sl software, which allows for a discounted upgrade (as do most squencers that come packaged like this) but the real reason for this scenario is to take advantage of Emu's low cost, high end converters. they make (or perhaps once made, one of the two) the chips that go into the pro tools hd converters. many magazines and seasoned users say that this little box blows away many interfaces, such as the excellent ones made by motu, at a reatively small price of $399.... no that isnt a sales pitch, thats just what i understand about the box. it can be a challenge to figue out i am told, but everyone i know with one does have great sound quality.

hope this all helps


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Oh shit! [View all] , FireBrand, Wed May-17-06 05:37 PM
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its just popular...
May 17th 2006
May 17th 2006
from what i hear yes
May 17th 2006
wheres your OK????
May 17th 2006
better question...
May 17th 2006
May 17th 2006
May 17th 2006
      im keeping mines until im an okayartist
May 17th 2006
           lol. I feel you.
May 17th 2006
it interfaces with the high end external user interfaces better
May 17th 2006
compared to Logic...thats what i wanna know
May 17th 2006
I read a review of LE 7 in electronic musician and.....
May 17th 2006
      logic and cubase are both superior midi sequencers
May 17th 2006
No. As long as you're not messing with a bunch of other cats who
May 17th 2006
RE: Oh shit!
May 17th 2006

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