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Subject: "perspective" This topic is locked.
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Tue Jun-04-02 08:48 AM

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1. "perspective"
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one thing i remember in particular about the anthro classes that i took was an epmphasis on perspective. the theory is that if u are the tool that gathers info, and u are a biased tool, u need to be good at recognizing yr biases

which in theory is deep and goes far and is responsible

BUT can it ever really go deep enuf?

my advice is to never forget that u are studying human beings & never forget what it means to be human. *also* don't lose yr common sense. academics try to prove everything, and lose something along the way.

i did the bs education thing. i tried to keep it as applied as i could and worked in my field simultaneously. the degree helped solidify me in the job market. but the academic tilt to things leaves me with a horrible taste in my mouth.

but, depending on where ur interests lie, college may be a necessary evil

nowadays i'm at a different point altogether. my eyes burn from sitting by a computer all day. my ass is anxious, and i don't get enuf breaks to exercise during the day because i'm still nursing. and i'm learning to put my happiness in the now instead of the future. i no longer guage my worth by the level and salary of my job.


meaning that sitting here crunching numbers no longer gives me the peace that it used to. i am investigating alternative paths.

now there's a mouthful for u, huh?


"Who need fossil fuel when the sun ain't goin' nowhere"
- Amiri Baraka

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studying in western academia [View all] , Federisco, Tue Jun-04-02 08:34 AM
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Jun 04th 2002
I'll agree and disagree here.
Jun 05th 2002
      using the class
Jun 05th 2002
           RE: using the class
Jun 07th 2002
RE: studying in western academia
Jun 04th 2002
exactly. well said.
Jun 05th 2002
      that's just
Jun 05th 2002
           if nothing else
Jun 05th 2002
RE: studying in western academia
Jun 05th 2002
Jun 05th 2002
      pick up a book
Jun 05th 2002
      RE: examples?
Jun 05th 2002
RE: studying in western academia
Jun 05th 2002
Jun 05th 2002
oh so true
Jun 07th 2002
Well, guys I know
Jun 05th 2002
if you want to learn outside of it
Jun 07th 2002

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