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Subject: "I wouldn't buy one." This topic is locked.
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Tue Feb-08-05 08:20 AM

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1. "I wouldn't buy one."
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The main reason is that which you mentioned. Another issue, which is relevant as a point of principle if not of morality, is the fact that DeBeers was able to largely manufacture the demand *after* capturing an incredible monopoly over the supply. If you look at any culture in the world where this diamond tradition exists, it likely started with an enormous DeBeers marketing campaign.

I might be tempted to consider a synthetic diamond. As the technology improves, they could provide a mass-market alternative to blood diamonds. I have no idea whether the mystique of natural diamonds could transfer to synthetics. But my guess is that it could, since at one time this mystique didn't exist at all. I mean, if it came to be understood that the only difference between natural diamonds and unnatural ones is the fact that natural ones come at the cost of natural lives, I think most people would ask for unnatural ones. Or better yet, rethink their traditions entirely.


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Personal is Political: Engagement Rings ... [View all] , Fiver, Tue Feb-08-05 07:53 AM
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This is an easy point to make to a male dominated board
Feb 08th 2005
it was intended for women and men...
Feb 08th 2005
it's just not intended for females anymore...
Feb 08th 2005
Everything is political
Feb 08th 2005
of all the blinging done on BET
Feb 08th 2005
the "bling" is more a fad than a tradition
Feb 08th 2005
      err...the people of sierra leonne slave just the same
Feb 08th 2005
      understood...but let's try not to bicker over the example...
Feb 08th 2005
      Yeah, there were no diamonds before Puffy...
Feb 09th 2005
RE: Personal is Political: Engagement Rings ...
Feb 08th 2005
besides antique rings...
Feb 08th 2005
      There are man-made diamonds
Feb 09th 2005
      Here's where you can find a list of diamond dealers
Mar 07th 2005
just pay your fucking taxes, kiddd
Feb 09th 2005
Feb 09th 2005
Personally I refuse to buy them. and I tell people
Mar 05th 2005
There's this frontline
Mar 05th 2005
agreed. but what of those people that believe in
Mar 05th 2005
      For those who gotta have a diamond
Mar 06th 2005
           Buy one without diamonds
Mar 06th 2005
                RE: Buy one without diamonds
Mar 06th 2005
'non-conflict diamonds'
Mar 07th 2005
I have looked into non conflict diamonds......
Mar 07th 2005
That DeBeers ad pissed me off.
Mar 07th 2005

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