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Subject: "this why" This topic is locked.
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13. "this why"
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>In large metro areas, more than likely one needs to be a
>member of a union in order to get skilled labor jobs like
>those you described above. i heard it's mad racism in these
>unions in philly metro. barbering is another cool trade but
>your financial potential is greatly limited if you only do
>the trade thing. of course if you flipped the trade with a
>MBA and a general contractors license you'd be doing
>it...but that;s a big if and also he'd have to go down the
>route you told him not to....formalized education. you just
>want tha industrialized (thanks Booker T.)

Ive heard about the racism in union but Im not going to let this limit him especially because racism comes from all areas...even with a college degree. Its a matter of what you want in life. I have no desire to make lots of money and I wont raise my son to be this way either. Were going with the skills/abilites he has now and looking to build on them. He doesnt necessarly have to work for a union...he can start his own business in a black some things to uplift our communities...our people.

>And far as being 21-25 with no job and no direction...that's
>your kids fault. All my jobs that I have got have been in
>terrible ecoonomic situations and under hiring freezes. how
>did i get my gigs??? by being supreme. crem de la creme.
>only limitedly tooting my own horn here but that's what the
>folks told me after they hired me. i've had positions
>created just so i could work at places. why??? because i
>showed that i was solicitous about my field. i don't do
>this as a job, i do thhis because i care. and as far as no

this could also work for a trade? Whatever my son does..he does with his heart....and picking up a skill that he already has some knowledge in would make it that more enjoyable. He already has the intrest vs, a kid straight outta school who spends at least two years in college (if not longer)before he "really" decides what he wants to do.

that's where the parents come into play. or at
>that age they are adults. don't you think they need to be
>taking the brunt of their own misfortune? not saying they
>can't ask for assitance/guidance but they ain't got no one
>to blame cept themselves. i'm tired of folks crying that
>their are no jobs but it don't seem like the classifieds are
>any smaller to me. some think jobs are beneath them. shit,
>i worked at cap'n D's, wal-mart and a perfume sweatshop in
>alabama before i gogt on good.

>u never heard the sayin it takes money to make money? first
>off not everyone needs to spend $20K+ on a college education
>nor take out loans to do so.

this is true, but the more money you wanna make...the longer your in school...resulting in what...more debt. you may have just gotten lucky...I wouldnt chance it. Esp. when you have those that waste their parents money

second off, i know that if i
>wouldn't have taken out loans i wouldn't have had the grades
>to get me the jobs that i ahd outside of school so quickly.
>i'm not saying that i never would've gotten them because i'm
>sure i wouldve but i'm saying that it would've taken longer.
> actually my position now i know i wouldn't have gotten
>because i'm fallin way short now as i NEED a PhD/ScD to work
>here and I only got a BS. It pays to know top notch faculty
>of prestigous schools. but if i aint have my BS he wouldn't
>even be able to make a case for me to work here. And in
>actuality much of the mundane shit i do on a daily basis I
>learned in ugrad. of course i coulda learned this shit on
>my own but that sheet of paper that says Michael Anthony
>Rambo - Bachelo of Science Mathematics Cum Laude verifies
>that I jumped through a good number of hoops. Now some
>schools believe that their hoops are higher or more valuable
>than others but that's another post.

>Yeah, some may spend $120K to get become a MD. But MDs
>median salary are also a lot higher than folks that don't
>have to pay for as much in schooling. Say a plumber. Yeah
>some plumbers make $120K per annum but how many? Yeah some
>MDs make $400K per annum, yeah but how many? Way more than
>plumbers makin $120K I can tell you. There are many
>Radiologists, Oncologists, Ob/Gyns, and Cardiologists making
>over $500K per annum. I work with many of them.

what point are you making here....they still have debt. They dont get to enjoy this income until close to retirement age. The difference is a plumber can make just as much as a MD, with less schooling.

>Is college/formailzed secondary educationt he say all end
>Does it teach you a lot of shit in a short period of time?
>Is it worth it?
>Are my kids going?
>Yes, at least for 2 years.
>I mean I wouldn't mind if my kids said fuck this shit and
>bounced to Peru learned spanish, started a day school and
>tourism business and taught the local under privilaged youth
>while at the same time pimping the gringos that wanna come
>down for relaxation. but not many folks do that so it's a
>pipe dream of mine.

that is fine..if it works for you.


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