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Subject: "Lieberman threat to Black empowerment??????" This topic is locked.
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Wed Aug-16-00 05:26 AM

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"Lieberman threat to Black empowerment??????"


This response IS NOT MY OWN!!! I got it from the BRC listserv. I thought it was interesting and would make for an interesting discussion....

I ask this, because I can't believe the apathy surrounding the very
real threat to Black empowerment there is, with the Lieberman vice
presidential nomination.

This was obviously not a choice which Al Gore jr. made freely.

I took particular umbrage earlier this evening when Mr. Tapper of
either Slate or Salon, referred to Jesse Jackson as Jesse 'Hymietown'
Jackson, and stated vituperatively that Blacks are the largest group
of anti-Semitics in America.

There has to be more concern on the part of Black Americans to lend
their traditional support to the Democratic ticket this November
7/2000. This is not the party of 40 years ago, it's the party of the
Jewish interests.

Lieberman is against Affirmative Action, and supported school
vouchers, if only because this would benefit orthodox Jewish schools
more than anything else.

The apathy on the part of Black Americans is astounding. The true
deciding vote this political season is the Black vote, and in kind,
for the deep animus which Jews bear Blacks, look at the media
vilification, Blacks should en masse do one of two things, vote
Republican, or abstain. The latter would be ineffective, because it
could still mean a Democratic victory.

Send these power mad, racists, the only power you've got, the vote.
Money can buy a vice presidential nomination, thanks of course to
having raped Africa of gold and diamonds, but the vote can send bold
cupidity packing.

It'll be a more hellish future for Black Americans if this velvet
glove more thorough coup d'etat, were sanctioned in november by the
Black vote.

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"If your intent is to hurt someone else's feelings for the sake of making yo'self look like a 'supastar', rethink your intent."
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Lieberman threat to Black empowerment?????? [View all] , nappiness, Wed Aug-16-00 05:26 AM
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who are you voting for?
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      ain't sure yet
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scary ain't it?
Aug 16th 2000
Aug 16th 2000
      like that dontcha? (n/m)
Aug 16th 2000
      Hell Yeah!
Aug 16th 2000
It's time to do something DIFFERENT!
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We are a threat to our OWN
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Aug 20th 2000
      Mr. G., NO it doesn't make sense
Aug 21st 2000

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