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Subject: "Yes" This topic is locked.
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Wed Aug-30-00 07:02 AM

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9. "Yes"
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The things that used to bother and disturb me as a child, don't mean much now, and vice versa. I wish I could jump when I see Faces of Death-type programming.

Then, I did become sensitive to something when I was watching the Cell. When guy's father was abusing him as a child, and he grabbed the iron, I could barely watch, even though they didn't show anything.

Otherwise, nothing surprises me, shocks me, etc. We're so used to everyday violence that it has become a way of life. Live by the gun, die by the gun, for example. And we're this desensitized, imagine how the next generation will be...

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Are we desensitized? [View all] , NiaRa, Thu Aug-24-00 10:49 AM
Subject Author Message Date ID
RE: Are we desensitized?
Aug 24th 2000
I think
Aug 25th 2000
      RE: I think
Aug 25th 2000
Were people ever that sensitive?
Aug 25th 2000
definitely true too (n/m)
Aug 25th 2000
I think we are.
Aug 27th 2000
when I asked that question
Aug 30th 2000
Aug 30th 2000
Aug 30th 2000
      ok, that's better
Aug 30th 2000
      oh yeah
Aug 30th 2000
           i see
Aug 30th 2000
Aug 30th 2000
      protecting childhood..
Aug 30th 2000
Aug 30th 2000
I feel that..
Aug 30th 2000

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