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Subject: "RE: Are we desensitized?" This topic is locked.
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Thu Aug-24-00 12:22 PM

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1. "RE: Are we desensitized?"
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I just started classes again on Tuesday, and this semester I have a sociology class that focuses alot on the impact television has on society. But anyway, I just wanted to give you a little information first.
So anyway, my teacher was talking today and on Tuesday about how desensitized our society has become. First, she talked about how she walks around on campus and hears people throwing curse words around, and how it doesn't bother her anymore, because after hearing those words in society for so long, they have no effect on her. Just think about it though, remember when "hell" was barely said on TV? Now it's said all the time. I remember the first time I heard "bitch" on TV. I couldn't believe it, now it's just a common thing. Oh, I almost forgot about this. I was watching some local channel because they show music videos on Friday and Saturday nights (yea, I don't have cable), and I don't know if they TV station messed up, but the "n" word AND "fuck" weren't edited out. I almost fell off my couch. I mean, 5 years ago you couldn't say half the things said on TV now, so in 5 years are you going to hear this on TV too? I hope not.

Then she started talking about the word "fuck" and she has made sure that her daughter is NOT desensitized to that word. I'm not sure how old her daughter is though. She said that if she says "fuck" around her daughter, her daughter snaps to attention pretty much because she knows "Wow, mom is mad now." I thought that was pretty interesting. Just like she was saying today that don't say "no" too much, because it becomes desensitized. People hear "no" from you too often and pretty much take that with a grain of salt eventually. Of course, all this goes along with how society interacts, and other factors of speech communication and what not.

Another thing she talked about was those commercials for the starving kids in thirds world countries, and how you pay x amount of dollars per month to feed them. You know what I'm talking about. She said the first time she ever saw one of those commercials, she started crying, but now she doesn't even blink an eye when they come on. When I see those commercials too, it doesn't bother me at all. But I'm sure if I didn't grow up seeing them everywhere, they would have an impact.

I do think that society in general has become desensitized to a point. But curse words and horrid images aren't the only way.

Well, that was all the somewhat intelligent thinking I'm doing for today. I need a nap.


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Are we desensitized? [View all] , NiaRa, Thu Aug-24-00 10:49 AM
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