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Wed Aug-30-00 08:27 AM

3. "RE: you gotta elaborate"
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There is a lack of concern when it comes to family in my opinion. But I think it has a great deal to do with priorities...
There is often a buzz among the “half ass-Africentrist”, “pseudo- intellectual”, and “so called activist” about things like Liberation, revolution, politics, knowledge of self, and civil rights even. And I say these things mockingly because it has become a bit frustrating... there is nothing more exciting or inspiring then someone who is ready to move forward in a positive direction... so I don’t belittle their efforts in anyway because their heart is there. But the thing is I have observed the fatal flaws... there is TOO much talk about the things that exist externally...
Specifically I am referring to the energetic soul that speaks harshly and adamantly against political officials and social issues... but doesn’t even live in the same house as his child. Or what about the sistah who is ready to take down the whole system but cant even have a healthy conversation with the person that gave her life.
I mean a lot of times people in these positions often fret about not being able to save the world even if it is one person at a time. And I’ve seen em... you would really think that saving the world was their objective but I can guarantee that trying to save your family, although it may take countless amounts of effort, is a much more realistic goal.
Its just like the whole idea of revolution... people so often get things twisted... like I said before when some think of “revolution” automatically the image of actual physical combat comes to mind... but what about the basics? I mean hell that may infact be the end result but I don’t even know the path of all this... cuzz I’m to busy focusing on the drastic changes that need to occur within my being.
We are, as activist, striving for a better future right? But it’s a contradiction that’s like going all around the world on a cleaning spree when your house is dirty as hell.
And you are right... family does extend far beyond the ties of blood and biology but the base, the foundation must be sturdy before we attempt to build a house... neighborhood, then community on top of it. It will come crashing down right after its built and that’s only IF it can stay up long enough for construction.
There is just a place and time for everthing in life. But its true that its not that simple because people have to learn how to have a healthy family

maybe these efforts should simply coexist with more focus

as i paint to the wind's breath
freestyle to my footsteps
and create till the heartbeat's got no rhythm left...

Continue to ignore yourself and your hearing will be no more...


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One VERY Simple Question [View all] , NiaRa, Wed Aug-30-00 06:48 AM
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RE: One VERY Simple Question
Aug 30th 2000
you gotta elaborate
Aug 30th 2000
Aug 30th 2000
      This might be off the subject of where your going...
Aug 30th 2000
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Aug 31st 2000
           thank YOU for
Aug 31st 2000
some revolutionaries are
Aug 30th 2000
I may be
Aug 31st 2000
RE: One VERY Simple Question
Aug 31st 2000
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