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Subject: "Public Education Is The True Next Level" This topic is locked.
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Mon Sep-25-00 12:04 PM

"Public Education Is The True Next Level"



Never really posted up on the boards. Many of y'all likely know me from the chat room...

Thought I'd get a lil OkayActive up here.

I've mentioned that I work in "education policy" to the few who've asked. More specifically, I help folks create new public schools in NYC. That's all I'll say about that right now.

But, lemme also say that for years I've hoped to see some activists grounded in today's hip hop community come forth, hand in hand with visionary educators, to dream up new schools.

Now, I know there are schools out there already doing this kind of thing (El Puente Academy for Peace and Justice comes to mind). But, there is so much more to be done.

We need smaller, engaged public schools that resonate with kids today. Schools were the founders can start from scratch, and build healthy and powerful educational communities from the ground up. We need curriculum. We need vision. We need serious educational theory put into practice.

Taking our culture of positivity to a true "new level" means dealing with the Public Sphere, creating institutions, being a voice in what the new "system" will be.

I envision several conferences where some hip hop celebrities, philosophers, and mostly educators get together to talk through some basic ideas. Eventually, some smaller groups would start organizing around a few visions of real schools.

I envision 2-3 schools around the city. I envision a documentary covering this whole process. I envision a whole set of dynamics that could really have massive ripple effects on how the public thinks about public education. Talking Fall of 2002, maybe 2003.

Now, I'm not joking at all about the role I can play for those who are hearing what I'm saying. For real, I am in this. Dead smack in this, and official...

If folks wanna think about what I'm suggesting, hit back on this board and swing through the okaychat some night. I'll maybe post my email and more specifics if any interest pops up in here.

If you KNOW folks, for real, who would support this initiative, get in touch.

I've toyed with the notion of creating an new organization just for this purpose. I can at least facilitate and plants seeds, right?

"Zen TseTse"


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Public Education Is The True Next Level [View all] , TseTse, Mon Sep-25-00 12:04 PM
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What a vision!
Sep 26th 2000
TseTse so fly...
Sep 26th 2000
RE: Public Education Is The True Next Level
Sep 26th 2000
Sep 26th 2000
Sep 26th 2000
Funny how I was just thinking about this
Sep 27th 2000
RE: Funny how I was just thinking about this
Sep 28th 2000
We have to put out minds...
Sep 30th 2000

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