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Subject: "economics" This topic is locked.
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Thu Oct-26-00 03:58 AM

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2. "economics"
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I wouldn't start with 17 year olds, maybe 17 month olds. But I would need their parents to be their too.

Then I would try and bring in as many business people as I possibly could, particularly lots of Asian immigrants with thriving corner stores, super markets, nail shops, et cetera. Then I would show them the houses and cars, and how they are providing for their children's wellbeing and education, by not having a glamorous career. It's about dollars, not prestige.

Next I would bring in the stodgiest, most conservative, bankers I could find. I would have them break down how they pretty much own everything, but we just rent it from them. I would look into their personal habits/expenditures, and glean from them how power really works.

Next, I would bring in a grip of computer geeks, Folks whose educations really paid off. They would break down how long and hard they studied, and the fact that they had access to technology to explore from early on. Indeed, the big money doesn't come from chasing it, but rather having a passion for what you are doing, and the attitude to excel at it.

Then, I would bring in lots of rappers and artists and their bankstatements. The following day, I would bring in the labels and the distributors and their balance sheets.

My main point would be to teach folks who power/money/and education are linked. At 17, it's really late in the race for cats to get prepared for taking over the world.

The political and spiritual stuff would be extra credit.

k. orr


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