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Subject: "Racisim v. Economic Oppression" This topic is locked.
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Wed Jan-24-01 10:54 PM

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"Racisim v. Economic Oppression"


Now I know history shows that institutionalized racism manifests as economic oppression--which would seem to inextricably and forever link the two ideas.

But I'm curious. Given that there is a widening gap between the haves and have nots (not limited to color), should the "revolution" focus its energies on the battle between rich and poor? This with the goal of promoting positive race dogma when that battle is won.

Or should the battle on behalf of people of color (black, brown, yellow, etc) continue as it has been fought for centuries?

I guess I'm wondering if it's okay to say that the basic race battles have been fought and won in the US. And if so, is it now time for the battle to shift to one of economics? Or should the battle be something else entirely?

If that sounds really muddled, please forgive.

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Racisim v. Economic Oppression [View all] , delsbrothergeorge, Wed Jan-24-01 10:54 PM
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Jan 25th 2001
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Jan 25th 2001
I think so
Jan 29th 2001
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Jan 25th 2001
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Jan 25th 2001
Capitalism is half the problem...
Jan 25th 2001
RE: Racisim v. Economic Oppression
Jan 25th 2001

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