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Subject: "Principles for a more perfect union." This topic is locked.
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Sun Sep-16-01 06:06 AM

"Principles for a more perfect union."


Principles for a more perfect union.

The country is seen by the world as a whole—an aggregate—and not the sum of it’s individual parts. Peaceful Americans are viewed, often, as the same entity as the corrupt actions of our government. A people’s view of America is dependent on their historical interactions with that aggregate, and the extent to which the people are aware of what has taken place.

We must acknowledge that we are viewed as one America—not 350 million Americans. We must acknowledge that because of this one America, and our financial strength, size, and pop-culture/materialist influence, that we are models to the world. We must accept this responsibility (regardless of whether we asked for it) and model the best possible behavior. If the metaphor of America (as the Americans interpret it) is to mean anything at all, then the actions of the nation must be righteous, and without tarnish.

Our government lacks principles, and we need them quickly.

- All people are unique, and have equally unique and individualized experiences and perspectives--there is value in all of these
- The decision making process shall include steps to: seek to identify interests irrespective of whether they are being voiced by lobbying groups, include all interests in the exploration of the issue at hand, avoid valuing the time involved (or the lack thereof) in proper decision-making above the quality and emotional energy involved, avoid settling and compromise at the expense of minority viewpoints—seek collaborative or interest-based methods of decision making.
- the purpose of government is to provide for common interests
- The strengths of an organized government are in the concept of economy of scale, and the creation of venues for our intellectual leaders to explore ways to further our way of life. Government has value so long as it understands this.
- Life shall always come before Financial interests.
- We will not commit acts of terrorism (irrespective of military, political or economic benefits) against foreign nationals or domestic citizens
- We will not confuse the presence or absence of capitalism with the presence or absence of DEMOCRACY.
- Ours is a policy of truth in which we shall acknowledge all past wrongs and atrocities committed by our nation. We shall not devalue the experience of the oppressed through ignoring historical reality.
- We shall act to benefit others, not ourselves.
- We shall not abuse our voting rights regarding matters which we stand directly or indirectly to benefit from.
- We shall promote justice
- We shall respect autonomy
- We shall be faithful
- We shall seek to Do No Harm.


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Principles for a more perfect union. [View all] , d-Best, Sun Sep-16-01 06:06 AM
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