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Tue Jul-05-05 04:56 PM

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1. "RE: FAKE---please rate"
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You know.. this song kinda reminds me of a more hip-hop version of the Offspring's 'Pretty Fly'.

The technical shit:

Technically this is a sound song. Not the greatest I've ever seen, and not archive material, but its a pretty good song. You're flowing, not reciting rhymes in a strict AB AB or anything like that, which is important. I think it could sound a little more natural, but overall you did better than most I've seen here. Once again, not the best, but, if I can use Tek's analogy, this is a 20 point game. Wordplay is also on point, not using the same played out rhymes we've all heard before, and not using them in the same way that everybody does the first time they write somethin'.

The Intangibles:

What you so pissed about, man? If somebody's fake, all that means is that they are imitating what they see. 99% of people do this, some more than others. It means they want to be something, even if they're not. I realize some people are retarded about it, but its not because they're trying to exploit its because they're using a surface facade to hide their insecurities. And I've seen the worst of it- (A 5'2 midget of a man screaming 'FUCK YOU CRACKER!' at me cause I didn't bend over backward for his ass. And yes, he's ghost-white- lighter than me, my friend). I'm just curious.. I mean you hit the nail on the head, but whats your motivation to call 'em out?


"I wandered around darkened hallways,
Lab-rynth, filled with,
Blood vessels and plasma,
Caught glances of windows-
Peeking OUT, exoflective,
Invective messages left on my own voice mail..
And by looking out from within?



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FAKE---please rate [View all] , 2 Lettas, Tue Jul-05-05 04:12 PM
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