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Subject: "I WAS AT THAT SHOW! hahaha!" This topic is locked.
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Tue Jul-20-99 11:32 AM

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7. "I WAS AT THAT SHOW! hahaha!"
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>3)dix vs. kamal- what do you know, <BR>>another goodie mob tour? in chicago <BR>>fed up with my "dictator" like <BR>>instructions kamal storms offstage before the <BR>>show ends. making it one of <BR>>our most disasterous shows ever in <BR>>the chi-town area. <P>awww c'mon Quest, it wasn't THAT bad, I enjoyed it.<P>common had to <BR>>play the only song he knows <BR>>on piano (the song with cee-low <BR>>on "one day it'll...) only problem <BR>>was we were doing "clones" and <BR>>com had one drink too much. <P>Now THAT shit was funny and fucked up at the same time. Here I am, expecting to hear my favorite Roots song at the time and then Com comes out and it's all mellow and shit. I was like "the fuck is Com doin? CLONES AIN'T MELLOW!!!"<P>>to add an extra blow, opening <BR>>act goodie brought outkast to do <BR>>"sky high" plus some southernplaylistic classics. <BR>>so i'll admit it........we got blown <BR>>away. man! it was such a <BR>>tight build up. <P>I can't front....Goodie fa sho did make y'all look like you shoulda opened for them instead of the other way around. It was a dope show either way.<P>IllWill...he's just my papi chulo!!!-Kayci<P>"Girl, if you were a newspaper/Then I would be your ink/If you were a piece of doo doo/Then I would be your stink/We go together like Abbott and Costello/Bill Cosby and Jello/Pink and yellow/If you were a face, and love was a fight/Then I would rearrange you, oh yes I just might/Baby you look luscious, let me lick you like a dum dum/Just let me get to know you, and show you where I come from/I'm rugged like Diesel, pocket like a weasel/I would be acrylics, and you would be my easel/I'm a remote control and you're my favorite channel/Girl I dig you like a mole and wanna hump you like a camel/And then commence to suckin out all your tooth enamel..."--CHOPS from the Mountain Brothers

i'm back...?


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DO THE ROOTS FIGHT? A LOT ????????? [View all] , HoMeBrO, Mon Jul-19-99 10:48 PM
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Jul 20th 1999
round 2......
Jul 20th 1999
Jul 20th 1999
Kamal in the &quot;What They Do&quot; Video
Jul 20th 1999
somebody pass me the fingernail clippers, my nails are too long... anywa...
Jul 20th 1999
Goodie Burns Damn Near Erebody
Jul 21st 1999
Jul 20th 1999
Kamal vs the whole damn world
Jul 21st 1999
LLLettt's Get Ready To Rummmbbbllleeeee!
Jul 20th 1999
Low, down, dirty.........
Jul 20th 1999
hold it
Jul 21st 1999

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