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Subject: "That plaque will look good over my fireplace." This topic is locked.
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Fri Aug-11-00 05:26 PM

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11. "That plaque will look good over my fireplace."
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Oh, what you mean, the first 10 people to buy "Like Water for Chocolate" will not be getting a plaque of their very own. I'm hurt Label Guy. I though we was cool.

Seriously, I gotta thank LG and Bananabread for their hard word and dedication to truth.

Still Waters Do's & Don'ts
1. Don't drive below 35mph in front of her
2. Don't stare
3. Don't ask if the hair is real
4. Don't ask why I don't wear a bra in the summer
5. Don't think that I'm going to walk all the way across the street to talk to you or even give you my number, just because you whistle, yell "hey girl", or stare
6. Do say "please" and "thank you"
7. Do acknowledge the truth
8. Do buy "Like Water for Chocolate"
9. Do listen to the words of every song you hear
10. Do understand that my 3 year old cousin, Jordan, knows who he is and it's sad that some of you don't.

And this list shall change as people piss me off by doing stupid shit.

Dice Raw: "Reclaiming the Dead", September 19, 2000" Your just going to have to wait.

The simple shut doors and screams inside of my head. It wd be difficult. To make such a straightforward document of my life. Because in fact sometimes I yet cannot face understanding that my life has been a roll of minutes. A series of absolutely connected images, being born and passing almost at the same time. I think my life an incredible maze and blotch of shadows, circuses, divas, and floats. Much sadness. Much hapiness. Mostly expectation and desire. And yet it is all here in me to be revealed reunderstood. (Amiri Baraka..."6 Persons", I)

The brutal truth is that the bulk of white people in America never had any interest in educating black people, except as this could serve white purposes. It is not the black child's language that is in question, it is not his language that is despised: It is his experience. A child cannot be taught by anyone who despises him, and a child cannot afford to be fooled. A child cannot be taught by anyone whose demand, essentially, is that the child repudiate his experience, and all that gives him sustenance, and enter a limbo in which he will no longer be black, and in which he knows that he can never become white. Black people have lost too black children that way. (James Baldwin)

Honor the Iris's in your life!

RIP James "Jay Dee" Yancey

religion is the aspiration of man toward an idealized existence, in which the functions of god and man are harmonious, even identical. (c)amiri baraka


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ahhh.....The LWFC Gold Plaque [View all] , label_guy, Fri Aug-11-00 02:44 PM
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RE: Com on 100.3 the Beat from 12-3p this Saturday
Aug 11th 2000
Congrats to Common
Aug 11th 2000
Aug 11th 2000
yeah com!!!!
Aug 11th 2000
RE: ahhh.....The LWFC Gold Plaque
Aug 11th 2000
RE: ohhh sh*t !!!
Aug 11th 2000
      RE: ohhh sh*t !!!
Aug 11th 2000
los angeles summer jam??
Aug 11th 2000
Aug 11th 2000
Word, word/nm
Aug 11th 2000
RE: ahhh.....The LWFC Gold Plaque
Aug 11th 2000
Congrats, Com......
Aug 11th 2000

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