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Dr Claw
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Mon Apr-03-06 09:53 AM

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16. "Nintendo owns the handheld market....."
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and The Doc feels they just might always will.

The evolution of the Game Boy on up kind of makes them the GOATs in that regard despite going up against some rather innovative/stiff competition:

TurboExpress, Game Gear, Lynx (LOL), Nomad (possibly one of Sega's better ideas; wished Nintendo would have done the same -- they sorta did with GBA).

None of those were selling like the Game Boy, but the TurboExpress was probably one of the illest ideas ever...

Yes, I'm mad. Let's move on.

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DS is ethering PSP in Japan (sales figures swipe) [View all] , Fisticuffs, Fri Mar-31-06 07:51 PM
Subject Author Message Date ID
Hey, the 360 is doing better
Mar 31st 2006
Mar 31st 2006
DS in Japan = the juggernaut bitch!
Mar 31st 2006
I don't sell UMD's I sell candy
Mar 31st 2006
DS stand for Dodge Son!
Mar 31st 2006
DS is killing cats
Apr 01st 2006
... but not in the US
Apr 01st 2006
Yeah, I know its close in the States
Apr 01st 2006
Wait till the DSLite/NewSMB package comes out
Apr 03rd 2006
      is there a date for that yet?
Apr 03rd 2006
Sony has an ace up it's sleeve
Apr 02nd 2006
they need to hurry up and release the ds lite outside japan
Apr 03rd 2006
1200 Xbox units
Apr 03rd 2006
What's funny is that it sold less than the GBA for the year
Apr 03rd 2006
Ummm...that only shows 2006 sales, the Japanese are early...
Apr 03rd 2006
PSP was out december 2004 in japan
Apr 03rd 2006
Why does it seem like we think the Japs are the end all?
Apr 03rd 2006
cause up till recently they were the tastemakers
Apr 03rd 2006
      Even when we see American products that are just as good
Apr 03rd 2006
           The Xbox is a more PC like experience tho
Apr 03rd 2006
                Point taken and you're right
Apr 03rd 2006

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