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Subject: "Best Buy Total Tech membership is worth it, in some cases" Previous topic | Next topic
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Thu Sep-08-22 12:34 PM

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"Best Buy Total Tech membership is worth it, in some cases"


So late last year my dishwasher broke and I needed a new one. BestBuy had the closest model in stock so I ordered it from them.

They offer delivery and installation for $199.

But the also have something called Total Tech that cost $199, and when you have Total Tech you get free installation and you get Total Tech benefits for a year .

AND with Total Tech they also give you up to a 24 month warranty for free (as long as your an active member of Total Tech.)

Great, so that was kind of breaking even and getting an extended warranty for free.

Then a friend needed a new washer and dryer. He found the ones he wanted at Best Buy and I looked at them. With Total Tech the prices were like $200 less than he was seeing without Total Tech. So I made an order for him that was like $400 cheaper than he had, free install, free removal or the old ones, and extended warranty. I just used his credit card for the order.

Then I bought a new iPad Mini. Turns out when you buy an Apple product and have total tech you get free Apple Care - for the mini that would have cost $3,49 a month or around $40 a year.

So if I get a new iPhone this year I'll buy from BestBuy - the free Apple Care will save me $120 a year - so it pays for over half the cost of Total Tech membership.

I'm saying: Total Tech might be good if you're planning on some big purchases.


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Best Buy Total Tech membership is worth it, in some cases [View all] , handle, Thu Sep-08-22 12:34 PM
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I'm regretting not getting it right now
Sep 08th 2022
yeah, you need an extended store warranty on all large appliances
Sep 08th 2022
Yeah - I just got it with a new TV purchase. Would have been
Sep 08th 2022
Sep 09th 2022
New iPhone purchase - AppleCare included with Total Tech
Sep 23rd 2022
Update - they installed my TV over the weekend.
Sep 26th 2022
None of this really means it's a good deal.
Sep 30th 2022
The OP specifically said “in some cases”…
Sep 30th 2022
      still only makes sense if you cancel immediately after installation
Oct 01st 2022
           Well yeah I’m definitely not paying for additional years.
Oct 01st 2022
           Again, it depends
Oct 03rd 2022
Update - they realized they were losing money on installations...
Oct 05th 2023
I ended up keeping it, and will next year too
Oct 06th 2023
      Yeah it all depends on what you're using it for.
Oct 06th 2023

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