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Tue Aug-23-22 04:30 PM

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6. "Meanwhile..."
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I think I'm gonna sell the Sanyo. I THINK I'm going to roll with an emulator for everything before N64. I'll casually look around for something better than the Sanyo and if it happens, it happens.

I know I wanna finish Super Mario World tho! No, I have never played through it. I had a Genesis at the time and never made it back to SNES stuff until well after the fact. And even when I did, I wasn't focused on that game.

Here's how I got here: I tried SMW on an emulator hooked up to my entry level 4k Toshiba just to see how it would go and WOAH..everything was excellent. No lag, it looked impressively better than my lil old Sanyo, I could use a newer controller (I went with a XBox one controller but could've easily done the same with a PS4 one), and...yeah. It was clearly a better experience. So that's what I'm gonna roll with.

I'll keep looking around because there's still the issue of Dreamcast and N64 games. And I'm sure those don't run great on the emulator set I have from forever ago (It MIGHT be a Raspberry Pi 3? If its even that new?). I'd hate to just have to never play any of that stuff ever again, so I'll keep working on that in the background. My Dreamcast collection has some dope stuff in it that deserves to be revisited for sure. And I have some N64 stuff to settle too before I leave here.

>A member of a Facebook group I'm in was practically giving
>away a 27" Toshiba CRT with s-video and component inputs. I
>was up late and drinking when they posted it, so I said "fuck
>it" and claimed it. I don't know where or how it'll fit into
>my setup just yet, but I figured it was too good of a deal to
>pass up.
>gamblers and masturbators.


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CRTs? [View all] , jimaveli, Tue Aug-09-22 12:38 PM
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I've considered it, but nah.
Aug 10th 2022
RE: I've considered it, but nah.
Aug 17th 2022
Annnnnnd, never mind.
Aug 22nd 2022
Too niche
Aug 16th 2022
RE: Too niche
Aug 17th 2022

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