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Sat Feb-26-22 02:25 AM

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"elden ring (pc, xbox, ps)"
Sat Feb-26-22 02:38 AM by bearfield



this game is a lot to take in so in so apologies if this comes across a bit rambly. it is a truly fascinating gaming experience

shades of dragon's dogma intially. crafting, myriad items, long treks across vast wildlands, random encounters with giant and/or dangerous enemies, packs of roving humanoids, etc. it's great. combat feels and looks closer to bloodborne than dark souls 3. i miss the level design but i also got to play 3 fromsoft games with amazing level design so i'm not really complaining. also there are some bewilderingly vast areas in this game. in this way the scope kind of makes up for the seeming lack of intricately designed discrete levels of the souls series and bloodborne. this game hooked me after i spent maybe 2 hours completely enraptured exlporing a cavern i happened upon. it was a feeling i hadn't experienced in a very long time. completely boggled trying to wrap my head around the combination of scale and rich visuals. it started out as a minor dungeon but just kept going and going. absolutlely mind-bending stuff!

it's interesting to see this team stretch out a bit and embrace gameplay and narrative that is a little more explicit (as opposed to obtuse and implicit.) it's probably a better game for it. they seem to have done a bit of streamlining, consolidation, and repositioning of mechanics and systems:

• "bonfires" all over the place. in the early game you can't go 3 minutes without finding one. almost always you will find one just before a boss gate. this is good for this kind of game in particular and for the series in general. some of the bonfire-to-boss runs in ds1 and ds2 were truly dismal and spirit-breaking

• weapon arts and infusions are now bound to the same slot. you can't have a magic weapon with the kick weapon art for example. also the kick is now a weapon art. this does mean weapon arts are no longer bound to specific weapons. time to move that charged spear stab weapon art to your favorite greatsword!

• consumable weapons (throwing knives, grenades, holy waters, poison darts, etc.) now scale with stats (!!!) i assume they did this to make crafting/consumables play styles viable. (can't wait to see a consumables only speed run!) also you are meant to craft all this stuff instead of buying it

• only one "ring" slot but it seems like they moved those statuses to rare and limited consumables (i.e., paying a one time cost of *000 souls for another spell slot.) maybe you find a merchant later on to buy additional ring slots

• pyromancy got moved into the faith pool of spells, formerly "miracles." i think this is a smart change. makes faith/int builds more approachable for new players. faith needed something more than lighting spear/stab anyway

• you can charge some spells like charged weapon attacks in ds3 and bloodborne. rapid attacks have also been added to some spells, meaning you can cast them in a combo-like fasion like you would weapon swings. this is an amazing change and adds a timing element to what was previously a kind of static play style in previous games.

the fromsoft soulsborne core is still there: combat, character progression, and exploration are meant to be handled with consideration and care. the art design is still elite. boss fights are still wild tests of reflexes and learning tells and animation windups on the fly. the feeling of deslotation as you are exploring is somehow *enhanced* by the vast wilderness before you. in the souls series you meet other npcs all the time. in this game they seem to be somewhat of a rarity. it's almost always you vs the world

one "problem" i am having is that i cannot for the life of me find some decent gear. i know it's early hours but even in souls games you find a cool-looking and/or effective set of armor to wear until you can get your true fashion souls on in the mid-to-late game. i feel like i am exploring a lot but i just am not finding much in the way of weapons or armor. it's a little annoying but the few pieces of gear i have found i had to really work for via exploration or a minor boss encounter. this is a big change from being rewarded by diligently exploring a smaller space or simply progressing through the storyline in the soulsborne games

i think this game is really cool. i was a little hesitant at first because it felt too obvious and comparitively hand-holdy. but after understanding what it is doing it clicked and i fell deep into it


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elden ring (pc, xbox, ps) [View all] , bearfield, Sat Feb-26-22 02:25 AM
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RE: elden ring (pc, xbox, ps)
Feb 27th 2022
still quite confused on everything about 6 hours in
Feb 27th 2022
Been hesitant but think I'll cop it
Mar 01st 2022
Explore, explore, explore
Mar 03rd 2022
a few non-spoilery tips
Mar 03rd 2022
went from 10 to 47 in an afternoon
Mar 07th 2022
Fucking shit up with the Funky Astrologer!!!! This game is FUN
Mar 07th 2022
80 hours in. level 91. Astrologer with Dex.
Mar 08th 2022
i'm faith/int hybrid
Mar 14th 2022
      I was so close to going this route
Mar 15th 2022
           i'm rennala staff RH, seal LH
Mar 15th 2022
                what Incants do you use with your seal?
Mar 15th 2022
                     idk the names. black flame sling, frenzy beam, some of the buffs
Mar 15th 2022
                          RE: idk the names. black flame sling, frenzy beam, some of the buffs
Mar 17th 2022
                          this moon is ok. hell of a windup. seems easy to dodge
Mar 18th 2022
                               yeah the moon is interesting
Mar 19th 2022
                                    there is definitely an incant that reduces holy damage
Mar 19th 2022
this is a beautiful game to watch
Mar 12th 2022
you should give it a try
Mar 14th 2022
I'd play Bloodborne if it ever got ported to PC
Mar 15th 2022
what is so off-putting about these games to you?
Mar 14th 2022
      I don't mess with modern open-world games
Mar 15th 2022
           i would categorize elden ring as antithecial to modern open world design
Mar 15th 2022
Mar 15th 2022
                see, I just can't get behind this hyperbole.
Mar 15th 2022
Mar 15th 2022
                          It's just a bizarre line of thought post-BOTW I can't relate to
Mar 16th 2022
45 hours now. level 57 samurai.
Mar 15th 2022
RE: 45 hours now. level 57 samurai.
Mar 15th 2022
after 30 hours of blind exploring, I said fuck it im using guides
Mar 15th 2022
      I use the hell out of guides
Mar 16th 2022
           I used a guide on Ranni's Questline and still missed out on a talisman
Mar 17th 2022
few photos of me in the Lands Between
Mar 15th 2022
what platform are you playing on
Mar 15th 2022
      ps5. add me. MJGson
Mar 15th 2022
           i'm pc and haven't turned on my ps4 in maybe 9 months
Mar 15th 2022
Ive been trying to avoid this post
Mar 18th 2022
Mar 18th 2022
      Yep PC
Mar 18th 2022
I wish I'd gotten to the Mimic Tear before the patch
Mar 19th 2022
i got mimic tear but never have enough HP to use it
Mar 19th 2022
about to start NG++ for a final pre retirement platinum run
Mar 20th 2022
I might either call Morgott the end of the game, or restart with magic f...
Mar 27th 2022
it's getting a little sloggy as the end aproaches
Mar 29th 2022
      It was meeting the Fire Giant that really bugged me
Mar 29th 2022
           the fire giant fight really sucks
Mar 29th 2022
pivoting into "death caster" build as i approach the end game
Mar 31st 2022
I threw 50 into Faith and really liking it. you've convinced me to go fi...
Apr 04th 2022
oddly, my Carian is still +14 better
Apr 04th 2022
      i'm at 72/60 now and PoD is ≥23 over carian regal with godrick rune
Apr 04th 2022
           my only guess in the discrepancy is you have 10 higher faith?
Apr 04th 2022
                RE: my only guess in the discrepancy is you have 10 higher faith?
Apr 04th 2022
                     I am retiring from Mage life. getting my certificate in BonkBonk
Apr 11th 2022
i have never been stuck on a boss like i am with godfrey, elden lord
Apr 28th 2022
finally got a good RNG roll where i could hit him with spells in phase 2
Apr 29th 2022
      I was gonna post that using Dark Moon is very nice for this fight
Apr 29th 2022
           RE: I was gonna post that using Dark Moon is very nice for this fight
Apr 29th 2022
                what is your set up for this and Radagon fight?
Apr 29th 2022
                     default setup is
Apr 29th 2022
                          what's your vig at? shouldn't be getting the 1 shot
Apr 29th 2022
                          10 😎
Apr 29th 2022
                          this is basically what i rolled with for the last half of the game
Apr 30th 2022
                               man you are wild for that HAHA
Apr 30th 2022
                                    i used ranni's hat + azure robes when sunbro'ing
May 02nd 2022
                                         I've been spending all my time at the end of journey 5 in Crumbling, SB'...
May 03rd 2022
I'm about to start this today. And yall got me scared already lol
Apr 28th 2022
don't pay attention to my complaints. i have a glass cannon build
Apr 28th 2022
Same as bearfield said, most of my complaints are really specific
Apr 28th 2022
Just do your own thing for 30 hours. don't read up how to do shit (yet)
Apr 29th 2022
Enjoy! It's my favorite game is many, many years..
May 02nd 2022
120 hours in
May 04th 2022
A jumble of thoughts after a couple weeks away
May 05th 2022
Anyway, just beat it. Frenzied ending. Apparently most rare on PS5?
May 05th 2022
      how bad did you struggle with the parkour after Mohg??? hated that a lot
May 09th 2022
           AFTER Mohg?
May 09th 2022
                after Mohg Omen when you go thru that hidden wall
May 09th 2022
                     Ah, yeah. Did that. Texted my sister during "nvm, don't buy this. abort....
May 09th 2022
                          ill share the insanity of the Gold Mask and Alexander quests
May 10th 2022
                               Boc was a talking bush
May 10th 2022
new character: dual wield curved greatswords + sequence breaking
Jun 05th 2022
After a break to collect myself, I've dabbled in a magic build
Jun 27th 2022
i'm in the last quarter hour of my 2nd NG playthrough (above post)
Jun 28th 2022
Arcane was pretty fun
Jul 06th 2022
just got to hour 170 on my 2nd character
Jul 06th 2022
Fell off for a while
Jul 16th 2022

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