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Subject: "are they trying to turn this game into wreckfest/trackmania/trials?" Previous topic | Next topic
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Sun Apr-17-22 05:43 PM

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13. "are they trying to turn this game into wreckfest/trackmania/trials?"
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Sun Apr-17-22 05:48 PM by bearfield



not a whole lot of racing to be had in the weekly challenges lately. seems like it's mostly speed traps/zones, drift zones, and trailblazers. maybe they are trying to push people into horizon open/adventure for the actual racing-on-a-race-track element. the eventlabs stuff is becoming tiresome. these content creators rarely know what goes into making a good racing course and lean into gimmicks, like a narrow course or a bunch of jumps and/or ramps that don't mesh with a game with physics based in reality like the FH5 physics engine. losing a race because your car clipped through the geometry and came to a dead stop in less than 1 second really sucks. FH5 is stating to feel less and less like a racing game and closer to a open world game that features cars


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Forza Horizon 5 is the best looking game on Series X right now. [View all] , ne_atl, Thu Nov-04-21 11:22 PM
Subject Author Message Date ID
Bout to check it out this morning
Nov 05th 2021
downloading it now
Nov 06th 2021
they finally made a forza game with good lighting
Nov 07th 2021
might be the best looking game on PC
Nov 08th 2021
all of this
Nov 09th 2021
      the first game that I can't run at the highest settings lol
Nov 09th 2021
      World Car Level detail, Reflection and shader are on Extreme
Nov 09th 2021
      bring it on. i'll let you know when i break a sweat 😎
Nov 09th 2021
           it will be a minute before start posting times.
Nov 09th 2021
                yeah i saw that
Nov 09th 2021
is the gameplay fun?
Nov 08th 2021
I hate all of you now
Nov 10th 2021
I bought my new PC just for this game.
Apr 18th 2022

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