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Subject: "the FGC just cancelled itself. especially Smash." Previous topic | Next topic
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Sat Jul-04-20 02:37 PM

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"the FGC just cancelled itself. especially Smash."


blow-up Tuesday went 2020 this past week.

all fighting games pulled out of EVO online after allegations that Mr. Wiz (who has run EVO with the Cannon brothers) solicited creepy pictures/nudes from guys since forever. EVO cancelled and Mr. Wiz fired.

that would be crazy enough. but this SMASH BROTHERS SHIT?

it started when one player, Puppeh (I don't know most of them because fuck Smash FGC) announced that he was sexually assaulted when he was 14 by a prominent player/commentator (Cinnpie; she was 24 at the time). this is them at a tournament back then:

then an avalanche of sexual assault shit flooded Twitter. another top player sexually assaulted a player who was a minor (20 years old and 15 years old). Zero, who won EVO, sending a bunch of sexualized messages to a fan that was in 9th grade (he was 20). one girl raped by a prominent commentator after a tournament. and so on. there's now basically a who's who list of Smash Bros FGC members who are being called out:

a lot of this shit goes back to Sky Williams' house, where apparently a bunch of Smash players lived (not atypically from FGC/E-Sports houses). problem is, minors were ALWAYS THERE and the top players/commentators were basically a group of predators who got them drunk (some of these fuckers are 30+ years old! this ain't some "just graduated HS" shit). I always thought that was a weird thing with Smash FGC, how it was normalized that young teenagers were running in the same circle as adults. more so than most scenes.

fucking hell. no wonder Nintendo never wanted to associate themselves with these foul-smelling criminals.



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the FGC just cancelled itself. especially Smash. [View all] , will_5198, Sat Jul-04-20 02:37 PM
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Burn it to the ground and start over
Jul 04th 2020
Never got a chance to go to Evo.
Jul 05th 2020
Wow. This is pretty insane
Jul 06th 2020
I haven't been to the board in ages
Jul 06th 2020
The Discord migration happened when the boards were updated
Jul 08th 2020
it's wild. these people are stars in tiny communities
Jul 07th 2020
      Scumbags in every community, every discipline
Jul 08th 2020
           you either take steps to identify and prevent it or
Jul 09th 2020
so it seems Sky owes 400k in debts to other FGC members.
Jul 08th 2020
every online community is exactly the same as every other one
Jul 09th 2020
      and offline ones tbh
Jul 09th 2020
      even this one 👀 at the jag wright instagram video
Aug 01st 2020
god damn 2020 is Shun Goku Satsuing everyone
Jul 10th 2020

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