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15. "Game is hard as hell, don't give up though"
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Butterfly I found that when she jumps up on that little wire and when you see that red icon over her immediately hit her with your ninja star to knock her down.

Second phase she always spawns need the statue looking thing. Stand close facing the statue and as soon as she spawns in go nuts on her and stay on her ass the entire time. You can sometimes stop her from spawning those shadows by continuing to hit her. If she spawns them when the spirits fly towards you just run until its over. After that it's pretty much trial and error.

Fuck Snake Eyes though! Like for real! I just did that fight a few minutes ago and I had to sneak attack her to get her first health bar down and just run around and stick and move until the second. I lived with no health potions and a slither of health.

I still enjoy the Souls and Bloodborne games more but this is still entertaining. Whoever works at From Software that decides to make some of these fights in extremely close quarters where the enemy has insane reach needs to be dragged into the middle of their work place and shot as an example to the other employees not to do this! The fucking camera angles are ridiculous and half the time I feel like I'm fighting the camera and not the boss. I prefer outdoor fights because at least I can see whats going on half the time.

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We not playing Sekiro? [View all] , Mafamaticks, Tue Apr-09-19 11:57 AM
Subject Author Message Date ID
Played about 4 hours and quit.
Apr 09th 2019
i will eventually. currently s-ranking bayonetta on PC
Apr 09th 2019
RE: i will eventually. currently s-ranking bayonetta on PC
Apr 10th 2019
      i do play stellaris on PC. how is it on console?
Apr 10th 2019
      It honestly feels pretty good
Apr 10th 2019
           RE: It honestly feels pretty good
Apr 10th 2019
                RE: It honestly feels pretty good
Apr 11th 2019
      Maaaaan, and now y'all got me on Stellaris
Apr 17th 2019
           nice, I was worried I diverted this post for nothing lol
Apr 23rd 2019
Playing and loving it
Apr 10th 2019
Got it, haven't played it yet tho
Apr 12th 2019
I just can't with it at the point I'm at
Apr 12th 2019
i watched my buddy play this on Steam for about an hr
Apr 15th 2019
In hindsight, I would have never fucked with headless until...
Apr 18th 2019
      I just get fucked by overconfidence on Butterfly at this point
Apr 22nd 2019
Apr 24th 2019
is this worth the dive guys?
Apr 24th 2020
It's not easy
Apr 26th 2020
      it sure isnt but this game is a complete masterpiece
Jun 02nd 2020
           This here...
Jun 06th 2020
                Sword Saint is just. whew
Jun 10th 2020
                     Shit if you have them use them
Jun 12th 2020
I just started playing this one again
Jun 14th 2020
got the Platinum yesterday! first ever Plat
Jul 08th 2020

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