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Wed Feb-27-19 04:23 PM

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"Finally giving in to the overlords at Samsung..."



For years Samsung Galaxy phones have been the phones I'd recommend to anyone looking for a phone that wasn't an iPhone, but not one I wanted myself. Most of the reason was software related (I detested TouchWiz), some was aesthetic, some fueled by what was available on my carrier. I rocked my Xperia Z3 with pride when I switched to #Team Magenta some years ago (and still one of my top 3 favorite phones I ever owned). Hell, I went so far as to get a G5 because I simply didn't want to deal with a Samsung phone myself (even though that Note 7 was looking so very tempting)

But now? There aren't really that many reasons for me not to get the S10e, which checks just about every spec box needed, still keeps a headphone jack, isn't a huge slab of phablet, and has a (supposedly) updated UI that doesn't suck donkey balls. G8? No reason to exist. HTC? Bought by Google, and I don't think they have a phone. One+? While T-Mo does carry them now, the latest one doesn't compete with the S10 spec.

Now, before anyone suggests the Pixel or any Huawei handset, I tend to go through a carrier to get my phone. First, I rarely have the funds to buy the phone up front in cash. Second, I'm too lazy to find and financing or, more importantly, insurance from a 3rd party provider for my phone (sure, you can argue Insurion or whomever is the 3rd party through the phone carrier, but that's usually taken care of at that point, not a separate thing to deal with). Considering I once ran my brand new phone under a lawn tractor, insurance isn't an option for me....

So yeah. In a few weeks the G5 is finally getting retired and I become a lemming. Not thrilled, but can't really rationalize doing much better with fewer compromises or frustrations. This One UI better work...

<-- Dave Thomas knows what's up...

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Finally giving in to the overlords at Samsung... [View all] , spenzalii, Wed Feb-27-19 04:23 PM
Subject Author Message Date ID
samsung phones are pretty solid devices
Feb 27th 2019
i don't think sliding cameras are going to be widespread
Mar 03rd 2019
      Yeah I definitely want less moving parts.
Mar 03rd 2019
      Only moving part I'd deal with is a keyboard. But that's not gonna happe...
Mar 03rd 2019
Mar 05th 2019
           well, I guess oppo/oneplus seems likely to try it
Apr 03rd 2019
Should have the S10e over the weekend if all goes well
Mar 28th 2019
I don't think OneUI has reached the Note 8 yet
Apr 03rd 2019
how do you like it?
Apr 03rd 2019
Fam we're >< here
Mar 28th 2019
two phones I'd recommend:
Apr 03rd 2019
      my guy who did our review on the 6t
Apr 03rd 2019
           the main drawback for me... I'm not really with the in-screen FPS
Apr 05th 2019
Went and picked it up after the Masters finished. quick 24 hour take:
Apr 15th 2019
I'm gonna be watching this post
Apr 29th 2019
bxActions. get it
May 01st 2019
got the 10e for's great...using it more than my personalNote8
Apr 29th 2019
2+ week update: This kinda is the business
May 07th 2019
I remaped Bixby button to the calculator app...perfection.
May 09th 2019
      Would you suggest Samsung Pay over Google Pay? Do they coexist?
May 09th 2019
           On my Note 8 I use Samsung Pay simply because it's got magnetic
May 09th 2019
                Hmmm.. Don't remember having so many steps with Google (Android) Pay
May 11th 2019
                     Scratch that... Google (Android) Pay is easier... Waaay easier now
May 14th 2019
                          Well alright then. I guess the big difference is MST
May 24th 2019
not enjoying android p/one ui
Jun 10th 2019
RE: not enjoying android p/one ui
Jun 12th 2019
Jun 12th 2019
      also, that time on the left stuff is Google law being enacted
Jun 13th 2019
           tidal only shows icon on always on display???
Jun 14th 2019
           okay dark mode is not working
Jun 19th 2019
The UI is not as intuitive as iOS
Jun 14th 2019
Jun 15th 2019
      Different strokes for different folks
Jun 17th 2019

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